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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Remnants

We’ll just think of these as fragments that are too big to wait until Friday. Okay, I also have a full plate on tap for Friday and probably won’t do Friday Fragments this week.

Talkin’ ‘Bout The Weather

We had severe thunderstorms, flood and flash flood warnings last night and I gimped down to the basement for the first time in months when the tornado siren went off. Thankfully, no touch downs in our area. The weather spotters just saw something in the clouds, but you don’t mess with a nasty storm or the sirens at 12:30 in the morning! David had to help my feet get on the steps to go back upstairs, but oh thank goodness for the new stair lift for the second set of stairs!

We had just gone up and were getting settled for the night when the sirens went off. David went down to look at the radar and I took the stair glide downstairs because I thought it was a better idea than being all the way upstairs if we needed to get to the basement in a hurry. The tornado threat was south of us, but when the alert changed to the counties to the west and east with ours sandwiched in between; it was time to go down the other level.

What breaks my heart is that when the tension rises with us, the cats go on high alert; the heavy rain and sirens already had them tense. When we mobilized to go to the basement, they both ran upstairs to hide under the bed. We love our girls, but I can’t condone David going to try to coax then out from under the bed upstairs when we needed to be downstairs. For safety, I wish I could get them to feel safer downstairs, but Mom and Dad’s bed is where they feel safest.

We finally got back upstairs and to bed just before 2AM. It was NOT a wake up before the alarm morning today!


Let me say it again; MC DONALD’S!!

I am predicting the abysmal failure of 2 new products on the McDonald’s menu because I absolutely LOVE them!

Yeah, I know that sounds so negative coming from me, but David and I have this problem with tastes that are just off of the mainstream. He still laments to demise of the Hershey's Bar None chocolate bar and the KC Masterpiece Ruffles. I still moan over the Creamy Latte and the Cherry Chocolate Yoplait Whips yogurt flavors that were available for too short a time. So there’s always a fear when either one of us discovers something new we really like.

So my something news from McDonald’s are the Premium McWrap sandwiches and the Egg White Delight breakfast sandwich.

The Premium McWraps are like a hand-held salad, which in itself spells fail in fast food, but the actual salads are still there, so that offers a shred of hope. I’ve tried the Chicken and Ranch and the Sweet Chili Chicken. Both were good, but I preferred the Chicken and Ranch. I haven’t tried the Chicken and Bacon yet. But they are wonderful; tasty and filling without being greasy! Decently low on fat, you could easily have them with fries without busting the seams in your jeans! If you are point-counting, I wouldn’t recommend the fries unless you just HAVE to have some fries too as the big hand-held salad with grilled chicken sandwiches to hover in the 10-point area on their own. (Get the small fries if you have to have them for 7 points.)

The Egg White Delight McMuffin is wonderful! Egg whites with Canadian bacon and white cheddar in an English muffin, it’s like a lower cholesterol version of an Egg McMuffin with better cheese for a point less. I had an EWD, hash brown and coffee with cream for 11 points. Apple slices on the side completed breakfast with no additional points. And yum, did I mention, yum? Let me say it again; YUM!!

Get them before they go the way of Creamy Latte Whips, or better yet, get them so they DON’T go the way of Creamy Latte Whips!

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Ronalyn Wentz said...

Animals are so sensitive to the weather and to us! The pups get crazy anxious now with storms, but both react differently. Esa is scared & will stay right beside one of us. Zed will bark like a crazy dog. Luckily, both pups love going downstairs to the basement, so we try to go hang out there when there is a storm.