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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Days, Our Ways

Today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge prompt is a fun one, because I may be a tomboy, but I’m still a girl and what girl doesn’t like to talk about her own wedding days

Your wedding/future wedding/wedding you have attended.

If you’re a recent Chronicles of Nani regular and haven’t read the many posts under the wedding  keyword, you probably think “days” was a typo because there are those here and there that David doesn’t catch and guide me to fix. But in this case, not a typo; we had wedding dayS!

We eloped the day before Christmas Eve ion 2008. The fun started that afternoon when I called Kelly. I told Kelly “David wasn’t my boyfriend anymore” and she was ready to come to Ohio and kick some butt, but when I told her he wasn’t my boyfriend anymore because he was my husband, the whole mood of the phone call changed! David followed with a similar phone call to his brother with a similar reaction, just not as girlyy-shrieky.

My post, Wedding Stories and Freebies, is the best recollection of the day after, Christmas Eve.

I made the announcements, which brother called the “wedding collector cards,” the evening of the 23rd while David was at work and we picked them up and stopped at the mall so David could pick up the ring he’d ordered before we got married. I can’t imagine that a big wedding could have been anywhere near as emotional of fun as our private exchange of vows and sharing the surprise after.

We had our reception weekend in July of 2009, with a Toledo Mud Hens catered picnic on Saturday and early Sunday morning railfanning with everyone who didn’t railfan with us meeting us for lunch at the Whistle Stop Inn in North Baltimore, Ohio. The mud Hens game, a double header they split with the Indianapolis Indians, also featured the most important sort of traditional element to me; the cake.

For the cake we both wanted it had to be chocolate, baseball, and with pillars to look unquestionably like a wedding cake. It also had to be big enough that every one of our 40 guests could have a second piece if they wanted one. Haas Bakery in Toledo crafted the perfect cake for us!

If you’d like to read more about our surprise, reception and August honeymoon, be sure to click the wedding tag, which also includes a few pages of my brother’s last more traditional wedding.

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Edna B said...

I love your wedding photos. A wedding should showcase the joys of both the bride and the groom, and your's did just that. Your cake was fabulous!! It looked delicious. Mmmmmm! May you both have many more happy years. Hugs,Edna B.