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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


No sweeter words have I ever heard. I’ve mentioned before that I became a BzzAgent and I enjoy the opportunity to try products and spread the word. It appeals to my love of marketing. My current Bzz Campaign is the best; it started with fee ice cream!

I tried Kroger Yogurt Smoothie Bars, the Strawberry-Banana ones. OH MY! These are SO good! Think about things you’ve had that are banana flavored or strawberry flavored. Not really a fruit flavor, huh? You won’t experience the fake fruit flavor here! Kroger’s Yogurt Smoothie Bars are real fruit and creamy yogurt and oh so good!

But better still, Kroger Yogurt Smoothie bars are good for you too! They are one of Kroger’s ultimate guilt-free snacks. They are very low-cal, almost no points. I’ve been enjoying them as a sweet frozen snack in the afternoon when it’s been really hot.

In addition to the tasty Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie Bars you can also try the Yogurt Smoothie Bars in Triple Berry. But the guilt-free indulgence doesn’t stop there! There are also Low Fat Fudge Pops or Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches and No Sugar Added Fruit Bars. I’m already pondering what I’ll try next after my box of a dozen Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie Bars quickly empties.

When I got my BzzKit in addition to my “try it” coupon, I got a few generous coupons to share. I’m going to give away two of them at The Chronicles of Nani. In order to use the coupon, you need to have a Shopper’s Card from one of the Kroger Family of Stores; Kroger, King Soopers, Fry’s, Dillon’s or Smith’s. To get the coupon, which is good for any of the Kroger guilt-free treats, just leave a comment and let me know which frozen treat you’d use the coupon for. That will enter you in the random selection for one of the coupons. Then if you win, you can email your send-to address. Yeah, I’m just nosey about what flavors you’d choose.

I think my next box will probably be chocolate sandwiches…or maybe the fudge bars? The Triple Berry Yogurt Smoothie Bars sound good too, especially after the big smile the Strawberry-Banana ones gave me. Oh, maybe I just need you to help me choose!

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