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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sweet Caroline Locked Out Of Heaven

I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... hit and miss this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge. I say “hit and miss” because I get tied up in so many things that sometimes blogging “misses” for a few days. But hey, I’m disabled and super busy; that a win!

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge and I’m going to try to do as many as possible. So let’s get this challenge started,

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

Right now the carnival s in town! The church festival is close enough to our house that we can hear the nightly Karaoke. I’m not complaining about that. It’s one weekend and it supports the church as a fundraiser and the carnival workers as their living. It’s also good for community spirit. It rained a lot overnight, but I hope it stays dry enough today for things to happen for them today.

The only problem for me with that is the smell of carnival food makes me crave caramel corn something fierce. Maybe it’s just the suggestion because I’m thinking how nice a bag of caramel corn would be right now and the carnival isn’t even awake yet. Anyway, the point of bringing up the carnival was NOT to make me crave caramel corn, the topic is favorite songs and my favorite song right now was one of the Karaoke hits last night!

Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars is without a doubt my favorite current song. I’ve chatted about that on this blog before. I just can’t sit still when it’s on and it’s great music to have playing while I’m doing my stretching exercises or just doing dishes; it makes every task happier for me!

My very first favorite song, and a song I still dearly love today, came out when I was two years old. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond was the first “grownup song” I knew the words to, even if I didn’t know what they all meant, It was also the first record that wasn’t a Disney record that I had for my box record player. I’ve always and still consider SweetCaroline to be one word that just means “happy.”

By the way, that box record player was a Christmas gift when I was 4 or 5. It’s upstairs and still plays records. That Neil Diamond 45 record is in a pocket of one of my Smash books. It probably won’t still play on the first turntable it played on because of the 40+ years of scratches, but I worked hard to keep my room clean for a whole week to get it and I’m not giving it up!

What’s your favorite song right now or of all time? Share in comments or better yet, share it in your blog and link up at Katie’s blog in the 30-Day Blog Challenge!


seamhead gypsy said...

So many songs to choose from...I like Sweet Caroline...right now my fave songs are Wagon Wheel, Darius Rucker, Default, Django, Django, See You Again & Who Are You, both by Carrie Underwood. And two of my all time faves are Gimmie Shelter, Rolling Stones and I Still Want You, Del Fuegos. I could go on and on, but I think I'll go listen to a few of 'em.

Edna B said...

I'll give this a try. I have several favorite songs, but two of my all time favorites are "My Happiness" and "Thank You Lord".

The meaning of my blog name is fairly simple. I had just started scrapping and went by the name that some of my friends call me. Miss Edna. Therefore, I named my blog the same. It was my place to share scraps, chit chat and photos.

You have a wonderful day, Nani. Hugs, Edna B.

Jhona O. said...

One can't help but to sing along and feel happy when we hear Sweet Caroline! Love it! I need to listen to the Bruno Mars song. Love the story about your record player and special record!