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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taking my daughter to Fashion's Night Out events

Guest post written by Theresa Fall

I don't really come up with that many excuses to drive into the city besides taking the kids to Broadway plays and it's not like we do that very often. It's too expensive to do it as often as we would like. But I thought that it would be really neat for my 13-year-old daughter if we went into the city to go to some Fashion's Night Out events. Besides, I kind of wanted to go too and see some of these famous designers and celebrities so we just made it into a really fun mother-daughter bonding experience.

We did a lot of research online to see exactly all of the events that we could go to within reason. I didn't want to promise her we'd see certain people if we wouldn't' be able to fit those events into our busy schedule. While I was looking online to get that info, I ran across some stuff on tv and internet packages . I showed it to my husband and after that we decided to change over our service to one of the ones we saw on there.

Our number one goal of Fashion Night Out was to go and see Harry Potter and that we did.

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