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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Cup of Coffee and a City-Barn

Cyber Monday came and went and I bought nothing! But one gift I bought on Saturday came today! I hope to have my paper done for school by the end of the day today, Wednesday at the latest. I will do some more cyber-shopping tomorrow, then next week some time I’m going to do to Michigan and do a little shopping with Aunt Judy. She says she’ll push if they don’t have scooters at Target! We’re going to time it so that we’d be getting back when Pop gets home so we can have lunch together before I go home.

So how is everybody’s shopping going so far? Did you get good deals Friday? Or did you stay home with those of us that aren’t brave enough to battle the crowds? As I’m getting ready to finish my list, I’m going back to ROASTe for a couple things. No, this is not just an ad. I’m picky about the sponsors I choose to support and ROASTe is also a vendor I’ve used and plan to again. Not only have I become hopelessly addicted to Caramel Crunch decaf in the evening, so I’ll need a new bag of that, but I’m impressed with some of the gift sets too.

The Stovetop Espresso Pot gift set includes an Italian-style coffee tin and espresso roast Italian coffee to put in it! I have an espresso machine, but I remember that type of pot as the way espresso has always been made! That type of pot was where Noni made the teaspoon of coffee that made a scoop of vanilla ice cream "cappuccino" for her grandkids. So trust me on this one - it really is how they do it in Italy! This set won’t get you the free shipping for orders over $35, especially with the 10% off you get with the code at The Chronicles of Nani, but if you add this, you’ll make it:

I think I want to try some of the holiday flavors! The 2-pack of Peppermint Mocha and Sugar Plum is under $10 before the discount! If you have a coffee, lover or a gourmet aficionado on your list, you really owe it to your Santa-self to check out ROASTe. They have a great selection and if you can’t decide email a gift card!

For me, this would be my choice:

Mahogany Roster’s Holiday Joy Gift Pack comes with Holiday Blend coffee and a decorated mug! How Nani, huh?

Now for everyone who came here to see a barn and I don’t blame you. I love barns as much as I love coffee, here it is:

Barn Charm

We passed this barn on Thanksgiving Day on the way out of town to go to my Dad’s for football and dinner. David is kinda starting to get into my barn chasing, making a point of passing this one and stopping without me asking. He says he thinks this one is the only working barn in the city of Toledo. Pretty cool, huh? Yes, Toledo really is a little bit city and a little bit country. We have tall buildings, sports teams, big acts in our downtown arena and all the chains, but we also get the occasional deer that walks through our front yard and a real working barn in our city limits.

I liked the look of the barn with the dark green roof and the red tractor on the left. Even without the sun, I was thinking of asking David to pullover, but he beat me to that!

For more great barns, check out Bluff Area Daily’s Barn Charm


A Vintage Green said...

Button Hole mug sure had a great story. Thanks for visiting me.

Andy said...

This barn looks like it's still in good shape. Give it a paint job and it will look new again.

Tanya said...

what a beautiful big barn...happy toledo lets her stay!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Enjoy your coffee, Nani. I'm just a plain ol' Folgers (or reasonable facsimile) kinda gal.

Love the barn and its green roof. The golden grass in the foreground sets it off perfectly. :)

Edna B said...

Good morning. I'm not into flavored coffees, but I may have to try some. I do love your barn photo. We have a working barn not too far from here, and maybe I'll try to stop and get a photo or two. I think the green roof is unusual. I like it!

I did not go out shopping during all the hustle and bustle of black Friday. Crowds are not my thing. I did however look aroud a bit in Cyber space.

You have a wonderful day Nani. Hugs, Edna B.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Beautiful barn! Barns are just so charming. I did not do any cyber shopping yesterday and very little shopping on Black Friday. I've shopped different sales for the past few months. I'm down to those hard to buy for people. The ones I'll probably end up giving gift cards to b/c I can't think of anything else!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

That's so neat that he's reading your mind & pulling over before you even ask! LoL! The barn is beautiful & quite big, but they mostly all are up north!

Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm =)