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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photoblog Wednesday

Thanksgiving, 2009
Photo Credit DSP

You are what you eat, right? I gotta remember where I put that hat away last year...


Edna B said...

Good grief! I just love that hat!!! I agree with David, you ARE a happy person, and it rubs off on everyone around you. That's so nice.

Nani, your barn photos are great. Leave it to you to get a train running through the background!

As much as I like to complain sometimes, I am ever so grateful that I AM ABLE to complain and make noise. The alternative isn't as much fun.

I'm about 2/3's done with my shopping. Then comes the wrapping and packing. Another week, and I can mail my cards.

When the rush is all over, I will settle back and start reading my new camera and photoshop books, and listen to my new discs. That should keep me busy right up to Summer. lol.

Nani, you have a great day, and may your Thanksgiving Day with your family be wonderful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Hugs, Edna B.

Flora said...

That hat is too cute!! Happy Thanksgiving!!