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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Overstock Bucket

Last night was just awesome! Although it was cold, really cold, we still had 157 kids visit. Only the last 7 got candy from the overstock bucket, which was 2-tier 2 candies instead of the 5-piece bags.

Sample of the Goody Bags

The 2 best costumes were both kids on or near their last trick-or-treating Halloween. Over the years you learn the ropes and get better. The cell phone reminded me so much of my brother’s last Halloween costume. The day before Halloween he didn’t have a costume, but he became inspired. He drew some buttons on a box, cut out arm holes and wrote the letters E-V-A-D across the top. When he put it on, Dave became the robot, Evad!

The Cell Phone visited just as it was getting dark, near the half-way point of trick or treating. I watched as he crossed the street on the way to our house and I was already impressed. The box made it kinda clunky, so of course it must have been an old school phone, but the front of the box was up-to-date; he was a very well-done cell phone, including the caller ID readout that said “home." I smiled when he came up on the porch and told him his costume was just awesome. He was quite sincere in thanking me for the compliment.

The other best costume that was definitely no last day inspiration, but carefully thought out and planned was “Abducted by an Alien.” I squinted as she came to the house because it sure looked like 2 people. Her top half was a girl in pajamas and her bottom half was the alien’s legs in a black cloak. The top of the alien was in the hooded cape behind her with the classic alien face ala Roswell, with alien arms around her waist and stuffed legs in pajama bottoms under the arms in front of her. It was done SO well, it really looked like two people. That’s why I was squinting as she walked up. I couldn’t tell! She smiled and said, “I’ve been abducted by an alien!”

I SO wish it was cool to take pictures of the kids’ costumes!

There were a few little ones that ran from house to house like that ladybug that scared Kaline and Baggle the first year I was here and two first timers that were so sweet. One little boy, a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle, was too afraid to say trick or treat. His Mom said he’d been practicing all week and hadn’t said it all night. Practicing and performing can be very different! I gave him his candy and told him he could say it twice next year. Another little girl, a princess, said “tick-o-teet” and “tankoo!” Her Dad said it was the first time she’d said trick or treat all night. I thanked her and told her I was honored to be the first she said it to.

The big costumes last night were Pirates and Princesses and costumes you couldn’t really see well for the winter coats. Perhaps the smartest costume was on a young man who was so proud of his costume. He almost danced on our porch with a smile and told me, “I’m a polar bear!” It was definitely the warmest outfit of the night and at about 7ish years old, the cutest polar bear I've ever seen!

There was rain forecast in Michigan, so Scotty didn’t make it down, but I was good! After realizing that the legs on the wheelchair put my arms out of reach to open the door, I pulled the walker right up to it and sat in the seat. The walker with a seat was the best investment! That put me right up to the door so I could just open it without standing up. The walker was an obvious enough assistance device that I didn’t feel weird not standing up, in fact the kids helped hold the door while I got the treats, one boy even held the door for the next group that was right behind his. Our Toledo kids are pretty cool. If left to their own devices kids are, for the most part, as cool to you as you are to them. Okay, yes, giving candy helps!

It was a great evening!


Flora said...

I hate having left over candy... I can never quit eating it!!L)

Veelana said...

Hey Nani, long time no see - We had a lot of fun with a bunch of little kids :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been here - lokks like I missed quite a bit! I'm going back through your posts now...