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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Done With Cleveland for 2011

Yesterday’s Cleveland trip was to Cleveland Clinic to meet with my Physical Therapist. We really wanted to try to time it so I did my first dose of Gilenya in the morning and PT in the evening last week, but scheduling didn’t work that way. Bonus was lunch at Eat-N-Park 2 weeks in a row!

I have to go back to the orthotist to get the sides of the AFO trimmed down so it doesn’t cut into my foot. We did get the bend of the ankle adjusted so it’s easier to walk in and my knee doesn’t hyperextend. It still hurts my foot tight now, but that should be fixed soon. Then I just have to get my vanity okay with the Frankenfoot when I’m out! I will. I always adjust!

I’ll be doing my physical therapy exercises at home. YAY! No copays! Yeah, after this year, I’m almost as bad about copays as I am about shipping. But at least with copays you don’t have to pay for them IN ADDITION to the cost of the product!

I found out how “weak as a kitten” I am yesterday. I have 8 exercises, all of them 10-15 reps each. My therapist suggests I start with maybe 2 reps for a few days and move up to 3. The 10-15 is a future goal! So, later this morning I’ll start on my journey to goal. I will see the PT again when I go back to see the doc in February. Note to Edna and anyone else who wondered but didn’t ask, no, I won’t have to go back for observation again unless I stop taking Gilenya for more than 2 weeks and start again. The observation for the first time confirmed whether or not it had any effect on my heart rate. It didn’t, so now I have a pretty yellow capsule added to my morning vitamins. It’s so the other actual drugs don’t get lonely. But Gilenya comes from a specialty pharmacy and the ibuprofen and itty bitty thyroid pill are just commoners. I think if I was Ibuprofen, I’d be a little intimidated by Gilenya. I can’t imagine how the gummy vitamin C feels.

Okay, the coolest thing about going to Cleveland in the morning and not for a 6-hour observation is that it was still daylight on the way home. We have a plethora of very cool barns between Toledo and Cleveland! I added 2 new Ohio Bicentennial Barns to my collection and a few more really nice non-bicentennial ones. I could've shot more, but David had to be home to get to work.

Here is one of the barns from yesterday’s trip home. It’s the Bicentennial Barn for Erie County:

It’s such a cool location and barn because of the livestock! The horses live in the field in front of the logo, there are pigs behind the barn and llamas in the next field over. I shot a few different angles of the County Park where the Barn is.

Did you notice the other bonus? Look behind the barn – a train! It really makes it a perfect David-Nani location.

Back of the barn and out buildings with llamas

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ArtyMarti said...

Love your barn pics. Don't you think that is better to take a pill than have to give yourself a shot, yuck!
Hope that you get your strength back soon. Happy turkey day.

Anonymous said...

Oh very nice, you got another Bicentennial Barn, awesome!

Thanks so much for joining in & linking up these Bicentennials... that's such a cool addition to Barn Charm!!! =)))

Anonymous said...

Love your Barn Charm picture! So cool it has a concrete foundation and it is in such great condition. The barns around us are all falling down and metal barns are going up. The horse puts a smile on my face! Ooooo the pictures are even better when you click to enlarge :)

Carletta said...

I love this particular kind of structure where the land slopes down from the doors.
All the buildings suggest this is a big operation.
A really nice find!!

EG Wow said...

Love that bi-centennial barn with Ohio on one end. very cool!

Rose said...

Oh, I love all of these photos...that is a fantastic barn. Love all the other outbuildings, too.

don said...

A great look barn and set of fine pictures for Barn Charm. I like that big commercial for Ohio.

Carole said...

I do love that barn, but I think the last photo with the cluster of buildings is my favorite. :-)

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