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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old or New?

I absolutely love participating in the Barn Charm meme! If you’re interested in barns, agriculture, seeing a little piece of of that less glorified but huge industry in just about every country in the world, there are fun and even amazing things to see from the contributions every week. It’s like a museum dedicated to agriculture through the barns, but it’s better. This museum is personal. It’s things of beauty or intrigue that have been discovered first hand by the people who share them. I think that personal touch is what makes it so cool!

Last week, there was a photo contributed of an old barn and a new barn, likely its replacement, side by side. That alone was an interesting photo essay; the senior and junior barns spoke 1000 words each! There were lots of comments about preferences between the old weathered barns and new, sharply-painted ones. It made me think about my own preferences. I have and do photograph barns based on aesthetics. My first Barn Charm barn was a bright, well-kept barn in a suburban area, a green barn on a lush summer day with the water tower behind it. I have long loved water towers and that was first a photo of the water tower, making a nicely composed shot of the area surrounding it, but it’s where my intrigue with bans started.

Last week I shared a couple of the Ohio Bicentennial barns, many which are still shining memories of the state-wide celebration eight years ago. Today’s barn is different!

Near Oakwood, OH

This photo was taken near Oakwood, Ohio, in March of 2006. I love the weathered old barn on the empty field with a truck in it that looks as old as the barn. If the ground was overturned with recently planted crops, if it was later in the year with knee-high corn, if there had been a new John Deere in it instead if the old truck, it would have changed the mood, the character, of the photo. It would have changed the story.

So, I guess I prefer the old, and the new barns. It completely depends on what else is on the farm when I see the barn. Is the barn wise and old with stories to tell of the past and agricultural history or is it a face to the future, a youthful project manager with the excitement of its industry moving forward? Or maybe it’s something in between. My favorite barn is the one I’m looking at. At any given time, immersed in its character, to me there is no other barn.

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Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Oh my goodness gracious, that's an incredibly gorgeous shot! I love it & that cupola is fantastic! That old truck sure is a nice touch, too, & I agree that the whole scene contributes to the overall feel... and they don't get much better than this old beauty!!! WoW!

The barn itself kinda reminds me of a tornado ripping across the countryside, because of how weathered it is! =)

Thank you very much for joining this week's Barn Charm =)))

Lesley said...

Ah, you are a storyteller, aren't you?!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This is a lovely barn, Nani. Great photo. :)

Debbie said...

i love everything about this barn. old and charming, a little weathered but still standing tall and proud!! definately one of my favorites with that truck peaking out!!

TexWisGirl said...

love this! the 'cupola' is so big it looks like a shed mounted on top of the barn. :)

Rose said...

I really, really like this barn...love that old weathered wood.

My barn can be seen at Time Stand Still.

debi said...

what an interesting photo almost a barn on a barn I love the retro feel to it. Reminds me of 1930's dust bowl photos.

Carletta said...

Love it!
It's cliche to say but truly if these walls could talk.
I love how Debi compared it to the dust bowl photos. I can 'see' Jimmy Stewart coming out from around that old truck. :)
Loved your commentary as well.
And, your music! Adele was rolling along and then kept me listening for a little while.
I used to have a playlist and then they started playing ads. I haven't heard one here so I may need to put mine back on. :)

Carole said...

That is a really cool barn, and I love the truck peeking out from inside. I wonder if it's still standing?