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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mug Shot

Good Monday Morning!

This is my morning coffee cup every morning. Well, every morning since June when I bought it. It’s a comfortable shape and the perfect size for a K-Cup with just enough room for Coffeemate. And it’s bright and cheery and says “Good Morning!”

David asked me about the mug the other night, did I really need my coffee to say “good morning” to me? I told him it was a great mug to start the day because it was “happy.”

He eyed me, “YOU need help to be happy?”

I loved that, really I did. I am a happy person, have been for a longtime. That’s a choice. When things seem really bad, I’ve learned how to be grateful for what is good and let myself dwell on those good things a few moments. It makes the bad things a little easier to deal with. I admit that I love the affirmation that I’m sharing a bit of that happy. I have a good rep!

This mug just caught my eye and I fell in love with it. It was one of the Barnes and Noble mugs that Kelly and I were looking at when we had a few days together in Missouri this year. I was initially attracted to it because it looks like scrapbooking word art and the sunny words are SO me! But Kelly didn’t want it for our mug. She liked a few that were more philosophical or mushier. We agreed on one to trade, but I just had to have this one!

Now it has the added benefit of, even though it’s not the mug we traded, it makes me think of Kelly. That also means that in morning when I’m a little sore when I wake up, or days like today when I have a bit of a cold, I smile over my first coffee of the day remembering the stifling hot days at the beginning of June in St. Louis, travelling with my husband and seeing my best friend. If the bright colors and cheery greeting don’t make me smile, the memory of being surrounded by the two people who never had to, but love me most sure does!

1 comment:

seamhead gypsy said...

"He eyed me, “YOU need help to be happy?”. "

I've never met David, but I laughed when I read that comment by him!

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