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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Remember…

Oh the blog world is so much fun! Last Thursday I joined Vintage Thingie Thursday at Suzanne’s blog, Coloradolady, for the first time. I’d been wanting to do that. I love antiques and heirlooms and well, I have quite a few of them as now I am the family matriarch. Grandma was an only child, so was Mom. That pretty much leaves me as the oldest on Mom's side of the family. The next statement will send chills down David’s spine. I’m planning on hanging around a good while and I’m keeping the stuff!

Truth be told, I was very self- restrained in selecting the treasures I kept from Grandma’s place when we cleaned it up, but I still brought home a few, several few, boxes of things. Since things didn’t quite go as planned this year, I’m going to make next year the reclaiming our living space year. We’ll see how things are going once I start my MS meds and physical therapy. I’m seriously thinking of taking the next semester off so I can really put some time in on the millennium cleaning project. Then do an on-campus summer class and really work on practical use of the wheelchair, or walker if things really go well. Not setting a goal there until I am doing it with my therapist! Then I want to get on the job seeking again.

Well, it’s Friday night and David is at a train slide gathering with a few friends. I wanted to get my school work for the week done today because we’re all converging in Toledo tomorrow to take my Dad out for his birthday! We were in Michigan last year and we’ll go to Indianapolis next year, but this year I get to show off for Pop. If you followed the link to La Scola from last night’s blog, is your mouth just watering from the photos? They open at four in the afternoon and you could be on a full stomach from a late lunch when you drive by and the smell will make you want to stop!

So, school stuff done, I did a little reading, and a little writing. I read Suzanne’s post for Five Minute Friday and went back to the source of the prompt, The Gypsy Mama, and read hers. It’s a cool concept. You get a prompt and you just write for 5 minutes, then stop. For me that’s, then stop and fix all the typos, but when I only get 5 minutes, I’m not careful about typing accuracy! But this week the prompt is “Remember.” I do timed exercises like that and I’m always amazed where it takes me when I “just write.” This was no exception. I had a thought in mind that went completely a different direction when I set fingers to keyboard.

I Remember


I remember so many things. One of the gifts I’m most grateful for is my long memory. I remember sights, the lights on the juke box and the look up at the counter. That memory, those pictures in my mind are of the bar my paternal grandfather took me to, to show off his grandbaby to his friends. Mom told him not to take me to the bar, but Nono didn’t listen. He wasn’t doing any harm. Mom said she could always easily tell he’d taken me because I had a handful of chocolate covered quarters, gifts from Nono’s friends.

In this day and age a man could never walk into the corner bar with a child under two, but although they're just little snippets of video in my mind, and stories I was told later, I treasure those moments that have always been with me. I only had 6 years with Nono when cancer took him away from all of us, from me. But I’ll always remember the cherished feeling of being his first grandchild.



Edna B said...

What a wonderful memory story! When we were little kids, there was a neighborhood bar where families gathered on Sunday afternoon. There was a small combo singing/playing, and we enjoyed pizza or whatever the special was. My brother was just a little tyke and would go around the room, climb up on the end of peoples' tables and sing to them. His favorites were "Bell Bottomed Trousers" and "Baby Face."

Even back then, he was quite the ladies man! Now you have one of my favorite memories. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Glo Haynes said...

What a great memory, but you are right, that could not happen today, but sure made for a great memory. Sorry he was taken from you so soon. I think there is nothing better then memories of our grandparents! My GM used to tell me stories about being raised in the Appalachian mountains. How they had to fight off the mountain lions and panthers that tried to get inside. I remember a lot of them but sure wish I had paid closer attention.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Coloradolady said...

Nani, that is why I love 5 minute friday. I never know what will be sitting on the page when that time is up. Very thought provoking to reread what you put to words. I always want to change or edit, but I don't. That is the point I think. Sometimes, I think the prompt word will be hard to write about, but then something always comes from somewhere and I always wonder "where did that come from" Very Interesting.

I seriously need to do some space clearing too....but for me it is hard to get motivated to start! It is a large task. Have a great start to the new week.

Ronalyn said...

This is a great idea. I love blog prompts.