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Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mug Shot

Mugs aren’t just for coffee!

Isn’t it a sweet soup mug? David picks on me for my mugs with faces, mugs with personalities, but these were a "can’t resist” buy.

Mom and I found these at a small local dollar store near home in Novi, Michigan. Dollar stores are fun places to find little things for the kitchen or lunch boxes when you’re cooking for kids because it is okay to consider it disposable if need be. Some times Tori and Rina were there overnight on school nights and I did their lunches. I was bento before bento was cool in the US and sometimes the little containers never made it back. I loved dollar stores for that! They were also great for craft supplies. We did lots of crafts together and I usually do something homemade for someone on my list for Christmas. One year I did Candle Gardens for everyone and dollar stores were great for the bases, flowers, votive holder and pebbles. One dollar store I went to often when I was walking in Farmington was even a good source for glue sticks!

These mugs were bought as soup mugs. There’s a set of four in blue, pink, yellow and green. This is the happy one, there’s a grouchy one too. I keep one out at a time and every couple of months I swap it out for a new one. But ten years ago, when we got them, they were all used all the time!

As you might imagine, to a couple of seven-year-olds they had ultimate cool clout! I’m a soup nut, always have been. I love homemade to gourmet and, although I’m picky about canned soups, I usually have some canned for lazy days too. Somewhere between Panera and Zoup when they were with me and their Mom working at Subway when they first got soup in, the girls are soup nuts too. The first time they saw the faces mugs they immediately wanted soup for lunch.

Mom and I both bought a set of the mugs. We used hers at home and I wrapped mine up and put them in storage. Which means I now have 2 sets, right? Well, yes, I do have Mom’s now. But I also have Grandma’s!

Grandma came to spend a week with us not long after we got them and she also fell in love with them. We told her where we got them and she wanted to go check out our dollar store to see if they had any left. When we went, they had a few left, but just one complete set’s worth left! We grabbed those for Grandma and she brought a set home with her too.

I’m kinda thinking now that I should get the whole set out for when Tori and Rina visit at Christmas for the sake of nostalgia. After all, this year will be the last Christmas as kids, the last one before they’ll be visiting for the holidays from college. Yeah, we definitely need to do a soup day!


Lynn said...

Love you story about the mugs. Isn't is funny that as daughters our Mother's want the same things that we have to use in our homes or to decorate our homes with. My Mom has commented so many times when discovering a new something at my house, oh I love that why didn't you get me one, that I now pick up 3 of everything just about anymore. 1 for me, 1 for my Mother, and 1 for my daughter just in case she likes it too. She loves my collection of old stuff but she likes to decorate modern too but she usually loves the Christmas items I pick up each year so I always get her one to! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Flora said...

LOL... I went by the second hand store early one morning and saw two mugs... one mug was green and pink. the other was green and yellow...so I told hubby about them. He phoned the store and asked them to put them away for him...when he got them they were all wrapped up. when he unwrapped them...they had faces on them...at first... I didn't think I liked them with the faces...but have grown to LOVE them...and so does our granddaughter:)