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Friday, November 18, 2011

Eeks! It's Friday Already!

Just a quick “hello” for now. Between things that have been going on this week, I’m a bit behind on my schoolwork, so I’m really dedicating the day to it. I usually like to have my assignments, which are due Sunday night, in on Friday so I have the weekend free. This week it won’t happen that way. I’m planning on having everything done tomorrow night.

I was in Cleveland Monday to take a pill and let the medical folks poke and prod me for 6 hours. Remember I said I was going to be taking an MS drug that required that. Well, I was at the office at 7AM on Monday to take my first dose of Gilenya. I had my pulse and blood pressure taken every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours, then every half hour until the last hour. Then it was once more before they let me go. My heart rate did not slow down and my blood pressure was only up slightly while I was drinking my morning coffee and one reading after I finished it. I got to spend my 6 hours with my laptop digital scrapbooking, no public Internet in the medical facility for security reasons, and sat in a VERY comfy recliner with attached side tables where my water, oatmeal and hummus sat when I had breakfast/snack times. It was a very positive experience.

The facility I was at, like the one I didn’t get to stay at in Ann Arbor, really spoiled me. But actually doing the first dose this time, I realized why. The clinic that does the first dose observations does mostly drug testing and pre-employment physicals. They seemed to feel that I was more what they were in healthcare for because I was getting medicine for a disease. Well, the medicine improves my life but the disease isn't deadly. I kinda think making sure people can get and keep a job is at least on par with me if not more important. It affects the lives of more people. Still, I appreciated being essentially waited on and the kind treatment I got.

After a few reschedules with my Dad, I went up to Michigan and spent the greater part of yesterday with him. We had his minestrone for lunch and he made some of the roasted veggies with the breaded topping I like so much to go with our soup. YUM! We talked about minestrone for a while. I have a prosciutto end and I’m planning on making my first pot of minestrone myself tomorrow. It can sit on the stove and cook while I’m finishing my school stuff. I’m looking forward to that!

Okay, I have one last note for now! It’s a freebie note! Farmer Lisa’s Wild Daisies is giving away a gorgeous kit, Christmas in Colors, a few pieces at a time each day all month!! It really is a beautiful kit!

Here’s a layout I did with it:

Credits Christmas In Colors by Farmer Lisa’s Wild Daisies

Lisa offered that anyone who wanted to share a quick page or cluster with what parts they already had could share it for $1.50 coupon at her DigiSisters store. So, I did a quick page of that layout and a separate file of the cluster with the two hanging frames. Go check out her blog and her beautiful designs and snag my freebie, the parts to Christmas in Colors and a few other fabulous freebie quick pages and clusters from other followers. There’s some beautiful creativity shown there!!

Okay, now back to the books!

Link - Farmer Lisa's Wild Daisies

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