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Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Evening

It’s been a busy day today and an exhausting one too! The photo was l8unch; zucchini pancakes! Oh, trey are SO good! Four ingredients; 1 cup of grated zucchini, ½ cup of egg beaters, 1 TBS Parmesan cheese, 2 TBS flour. Mix all the ingredients together and cook like you would a pancake. If your zucchini is on the watery side, drain it in a colander squeezing with a paper towel before mixing it with the other ingredients. Add spices to taste. I just added pepper and garlic powder. It’s so simple and so good! I cooked 4 pancakes two at a time in a teaspoon of olive oil. It’s low-calorie and the only fat in it was a small serving of a healthy oil; a filling meal and it was a very small WW points total. Feel free to email me for more info on how I figured the points.  I never have any trouble with my veggies, but if I don’t have nuts or olives in the house, I have a hard time making sure I get healthy oil in my day.  You could serve them with a little sour cream, ranch or spaghetti sauce, but I ate them sans sauce and they were great.

I’ve also cut up 5 pounds of peaches and added the other ingredients to my crock pot for peach butter. I can’t wait until the house starts smelling like that! I need to get a hold of some gingersnaps or graham crackers for when it’s done!

For now, let’s move on to the Monday (evening) Quiz About Me hosted by Heather at Acting Balanced!

1. How was your weekend?

This was Summerail weekend in Cincinnati. David worked later than we wanted to be leaving Friday, so we were up bright an early on Saturday for the drive down. I love the big event where we get to see our friends who are fellow railfans. The great people we enjoy time with are a huge perk of the hobby! We saw some really good shows this year. There were narratives that told great stories and photos of steam taken in the 50s, when steam powered trains hauled freight and standard passenger service. I really enjoyed the shows, but Summerail is usually the best out there.

I also got my Cincinnati Chili for dinner Saturday. The only part of the weekend I missed was Sunday breakfast with everyone. David had to be back for work in the afternoon. Next time for sure!

2. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Let’s see, anything chocolate! Okay, okay, especially Mr. Goodbar and Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Heavenly Crisp. My favorite M&Ms are pretzel and almond!

3. If I say the word 'high' what do you think?


4. What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?

PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON!!! It’s happening right now!  About mid-August I start to crave everything pumpkin spice; coffee, scones, donuts, ice cream, pumpkin butter and pudding and…STOP ME IT'S TOOO EARRRRLYYYYYY!


And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

Do you take daily vitamins? Is it a mutli or specific supplements?

I went to place an order for vitamins this morning and didn’t place it. The prices for them are crazy. With prescription coverage the vitamins out-cost my medications by about 50% and I have a depressing number of prescriptions. So I emptied the online cart. The price is just too insane. I think I might try to go without them and see if I feel any different. I’ll still take the prescribed meds, just not the doctor suggested vitamins. Maybe I should just go Flintstones?

The whole “I’m too cheap to buy my vitamins” thing may be over tomorrow, or next week when I’ve been without them for a while, but for today, My pocketbook is closed to the vitamin guys.


Edna B said...

I have to agree about the price of vitamins. It doesn't bother me because I can't swallow them anyway. I found the gummy vitamins for adults, and that's what I stick with now.

Your photo of the pancakes is just yummy! I like the pumpkin roll cake too, but that means Fall, and Fall means Winter coming. I can wait for that.

You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

edshunnybunny said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today :)

I don't take vitamins, but I take several medications, due to several health issues. I feel your pain on the cost of drugs! Just today, I got a prescription for 18 tablets. The cost? One hundred and fifty four dollars--and our insurance won't pay a dime. We find this happening more and more, as our insurance premiums continue to rise.

Glo Haynes said...

Hey Nani! I love pumpkin spice too! Pumpkin bread is my downfall, I can eat it until there is no more!

I do take a multivitamin. I agree the price is high, but I take them anyway, they do make me feel better and I have a problem with anemia...so

Have a wonderful day!


CMash said...

Great question!! I really should take supplements but don't. That pumpkin roll looks delicious!!!! Thank you for stopping by.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

That pumpkin spice roll had me drooling!!!

I love trains. I only ride them occasionally but I would travel by train everywhere if I could. Europeans are SO lucky in that regard.

Well, I *should* take vitamins...

Jennifer said...

Ok, my mouth is watering from the zucchini pancakes and the pumpkin roll. Holy moly!!

I do not take vitamins at this time but I need to get back to it!!