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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where It Began

That was the opening line to my very first favorite grownup song, Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. But for today, Friday, I can totally “begin to know it,” and it not “going strong!” I’m trying to get 2012 started with some real interest in Friday By Request. So here’s what I’ll do for January.

If I don’t have a request for the week, I’ll repost from the first year of Friday By Request, back in the days of Yahoo 360. Today, I’m reposting the very first FBR ever. I hope these will be an example of what you can request and inspire my readers to challenge me!


Friday By Request
Originally Posted at Yahoo 360 Chronicles of Nani, August 4, 2006

All right bad poetry fans! I was writing poems last night, actually one about the cats, when David challenged me. "Why don’t you write a poem about the groceries?” So I did and it gave me an idea.

I will do Friday as “Friday By Request.” The first person to make a request before Wednesday will give me my challenge for Friday. It can be a topic for a poem, photo or the script for a TV or Radio ad. Try other ideas - challenge me! It can be for any topic or product, all I ask is that you remember this is a family blog. I have kids on my friends list! Send me your suggestions with the subject “For Friday?” through the Yahoo 360 messages. If I don’t have any requests on any given week, I won’t do the Friday By Request blog. If I have more than one, I’ll do the first one I get. If I don’t do yours, feel free to resubmit it any time after the Friday blog is posted.

It might be serious from time to time, but more often than not it will be bad, funny or both!

Without further ado, here is David’s request…

A Poem about Groceries
For David
Apples, oranges and plums
The fruit bowl cries for purpose
Lettuce, tomatoes and peppers
The poor crisper has none

Burgers chops and chicken
The freezer meat shelves empty
Ice cream, veggies and entrées
The top shelves barren too

Flour, sugar and coffee
The canisters sound so hollow
Cereal, soup and pasta
The cupboard shelves collect dust

Dinner rolls, cookies and Pop Tarts
The bread box, light as a feather
Cinnamon, chili and garlic
The spice rack bottles are clear

Let’s go to the grocery store!


There ya go, the very first FBR! Of course now, don’t send a Yahoo private message. These days requests for Friday can be sent to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com. If I have a request for next week, I’ll post it. If not, another repost as will be true for the month of January. Come on! Challenge me!

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