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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New and The Old

We had a little dusting of snow this morning, or so David tells me. I didn’t look. I had commented on Edna’s blog yesterday that I tend to not look out the window in the morning this time of year. I guess it’s fear that I might see new snow. I love watching the sun rise but, even though I’m up before it rises at this time of year, I so very seldom see it rise in winter. The exception is if David and I are leaving for the day before sunrise. Then I see it - from a nice heated car! So the sun is up now and the rain has washed away the dusting. It’s just gloomy looking and wet!

I figured out how to mop sitting down yesterday! That means the area where my first bookshelf will go is swept, mopped and ready for the shelving unit! YAY! I’m really all over myself with the “I can do anything” today. I’m going to be involved in a job-seekers teleconference tonight from 7-8, but then I’ll assemble the unit after that. Yeah, I am more tired and all by evening, but I want to assemble the bookcase when someone else is home, just in case my ambition exceeds my ability and half way through it falls on me. :) If I can get it assembled tonight and David can move it in to the annex, tomorrow will be cookbook and appliance placement day so I can get things moved out of the other half of the room to sweep and mop there. I’ve got two more shelving units to buy and assemble before the annex and kitchen are done and then we’ll have two organized and super user-friendly rooms. I feel more energized and excited every day as I’m working on this project!

Vintage Thingy Thursday

These were from my Great Grandmother’s attic. They were my Great Grandfather’s books when he was an early teen. We only found these three. My guess, and it’s just my guess, is that he originally read the Tarzan series when they came out in magazines and he bought the books for the stories he really liked. Or possible, he had at least all of the earlier books and these were the three that survived until 2002 when I found them.

The Return of Tarzan was the second book in the Tarzan series. It was published in issues of New Story Magazine from June to December of 1913 and the first book was published by AC McClurg in 1915.

Copyright page, The Return of Tarzan

That’s the publishing information from The Return of Tarzan. The other two books are not original editions of the book. They are still super cool finds for an old paper nut like me.

See more vintage treasures at Suzanne’s blog, The Coloradolady.


LV said...

What wonderful vintage goodies. I would enjoy going through those.

Ann said...

Tarzan was such a fun TV show to watch as a child, I must say I have not read any of the books. Great find for you, maybe theres more. Thanks for coming by today.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great Tarzan books. Family history tied up with adventures. Nice to have a work to be done sequence. Makes planning easier. Good work today. For some amazing reason the sun is SHINING at this moment through my window. Makes the work seem lighter.

Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic said...

How special to have your great-grandfather's books! I remember watching Tarzan on TV (the original series) but don't think I've ever read one of the books.
(popping in from Vintage Thingie Thursday!)

Sally Annie Magundy said...

How wonderful to have your grandfather's books, such a treasure!

Happy VTT!

c. Joy said...

How wonderful to have something of your grandfather's. Sometimes we forget that our elders were once young.