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Thursday, January 12, 2012

American Hamburgers

It’s dark and not quite six. We’re expecting snow tonight! Just 1-3 inches tonight and another 1-3 tomorrow, but 2-6 inches is not good traveling snow! It is threatening enough that Kelly and Dave left this morning for home instead of thinking about maybe seeing a Walleye game tomorrow and heading back Saturday. :(

They are driving through snow but the last message I got, it was steady but not heavy. Roads sere a little rough, but not bad and they were getting through Indianapolis before rush hour I miss them both already, they’re planning a return trip in the late spring.

I’ve started back at my cleaning in the annex to the kitchen. I’ve got about a half box from Grandma’s to go through but I can’t really do a lot more until David helps me get some boxes moved to upstairs, storage or Good Will. Maybe the Good Will things can go in my trunk to take over on a less snow threatening day.

There are SO many photos! One of the next projects, probably a 2013, maybe 2013/14 project is to organize the photos, identify who is in them and scan like crazy! I have some cousins on both sides of the family on Mom’s side that I’ll offer dinner or coffee (or both) to if they’ll look at some photos and see if they can identify anyone. I really want that to be my only non-scrapbooking project when I get that started!

Since I still don’t have any new requests this week, Friday by Request for tomorrow will be another “Best of” from 2006. I’m inviting everyone to please read the “best of” entries and click the Friday by Request label and find some inspiration to give me a challenge! It’s fun and my challengers have usually enjoyed the sometimes surprises with my take on their challenges.

Vintage Thingie Thursday

My Vintage Thingie Thursday offering is something I am so excited about! Remember I love advertising and I really love old advertising I love things that have quirks or that feel personal. I have an ad that tells that Texaco is in all 48 states, that sort of thing makes it even more special to me. Today’s treasure is both dated and personal.

1949 White Castle Location Directory

The location directory from 1949 is about 3' X 4", pocket size!

 For those who aren’t familiar with White Castle, it’s Sliders. Nasty, dry, little mini burgers fried, topped with finely diced onions and little buns that are steamed on the fry-grill and topped with a pickle, and a squirt each of ketchup and mustard, tossed in little boxes. Even a child would eat more than one for a meal. And as a child, I loved ‘em!

We used to get them on occasion when we visited Noni. When she didn’t feel like cooking…Okay, that never happened, but occasionally she’d crave a hamburger and since the closest place that wasn’t a bar to her was White Castle for a long time, her “American Hamburger” was White Castle. When Noni, who always worked so hard in the kitchen, even thought it was an obvious labor of love, said she felt like hamburgers, we tallied up the numbers of people there and made a White Castle run!

We drove by that White Castle near where Noni lived not long ago. She lived in Detroit but near enough to the Melvindale border that her White Castle was the Melvindale, Michigan one. It’s still there today and, look:

The Melvindale location was there in 1949 too! I love die-cuts because it’s just more interesting than a rectangular or even square sheet. This die-cut, dated booklet with the location we used to get our White Castle burgers from is truly a treasure to me!


Edna B said...

When Michael and I used to travel to New Jersey on business, a trip to White Castle was at the top of our list of things to do. (often) Michael just loved those little burgers. Thanks for the memories, hugs, Edna B.

LV said...

What a great and interesting vintage post. I enjoyed seeing and learning the history of this building.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I grew up with them in Chicago. I love them. Had the opportunity to have one about a year ago. I don't care to buy the frozen ones. I think every weekend in HS we either had Barone's Pizza or White Castle!