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Sunday, January 15, 2012


It’s been suggested to me that there is a difference between the text used and the way it’s used for sponsored links and inline text links referenced in a regular post.  Making names hyperlinks makes them easier for readers who might be interested in more information.  I pretty much agree.  When I read a blog and come across a hyperlinked text, I usually right click and open in a new window, since some blogs that I read don’t automatically open links in a new window.

Part of my concern has been that when text is clicked and a new window opens, readers may not return to finish reading my post.  I do realize that when I offer a scrapbooking freebie many visitors don’t read the post.  That really is okay.  I want to share my templates and kits that I design.  While reading my log or leaving a “thank you” is nice, I don’t consider it a requirement to download the gift and I don’t think any less of someone who only comes for the freebie and snags it and leaves.  The download number going up tells my ego I did well.  Still, I do love and appreciate comments!

The new Blogger posting interface allows for automatically opening text links in a new window instead of having to go back in and add the code for it to do that.  So, if the text that’s linked is a proper name in an unsponsored post, it will take you exactly where you expect it will.  The hyperlinked names in this blog bring you to other blogs or the specific site mentioned.  Sponsored posts that don’t require identification as a sponsored post before the blog post, some require that disclosure be site-wide only and not as part of the post, are labeled “good ideas.”  To further identify UNsposored posts, I’ll still use the Links list at the end of the post.

Okay.  New real blog post will be up in a few hours.  Thanks!

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