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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo-Thank-You-blog Wednesday

Handmade coaster set from Flora

Sorry I’m posting late today! There are lots of times that I’m late with posting, usually because there is something going on in….non-cyber world. I simply can’t distinguish the two by calling one “real world.” I’ve exchanged cards, letters and tokens with people I’ve never shaken hands with. You are all real! We don’t touch each other’s hands, but we definitely touch each other’s hearts!

Okay, the photo, speaking of hands and hearts. Remember way back on December 7 when I told everyone reading about Flora’s Coasters that she made for Christmas guests at her home? Remember how I said she was giving a set away to one random reader? Well I was the lucky reader! Mr. Random was very kind to me. After receiving the note from Flora that I’d won, I sent my address info.

Now, you know from what I said about the sweet coaster sets that if I won it wasn’t going to be a gift to give, I consider these sweet coasters a gift from Flora to me! They arrived on Christmas Eve, totally like a present. I would have blogged about them sooner, but last week was pretty full with Rina here and I wanted to have a few minutes to tell you all about them properly!

Flora was modest when she called it a simple idea. The craftsmanship is superb! I got the very set she used in the step-by-step in her blog, or it was an identical set. They are beautiful and they’re green! That matches my eyes, my sweater, the colors in my future dream kitchen, my name ornament in our Christmas decorations…I just like green a LOT and being green only adds to how special the coasters are!

So, thank you Random for picking me and especially thank you Flora for sharing a great idea and so generously offering a set of the coasters to your readers!

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