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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make Me Love My Job

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

You can’t kick start your year better than a whole new job-world.  Yes, I know this is the time of being grateful if you have  job, but how about a whole new look at work to make that being grateful even easier?
Ever daydream at work about an updated computer?  Maybe the lift you day needs is a new desk, chair and some brighter décor.  How about, and this would be my dream job surroundings, a high-end stereo system and an espresso maker!  Those are the three prize packages in the Pimp My Cube Contest 

Contest Factory is holding the Pimp My Cube Contest Contest to award the most horrible, the neediest, work environment a makeover.  They want to make YOUR job a happy one to have!

Getting your chance for a fabulous cube makeover is pretty simple.  All you need is a smart phone or digital camera that will shoot a short video showing your workspace and why you need a break, every day, with some new digs.

Simply follow the link to the Pimp My Cube Contest and upload your video.  Then direct your friends, family, coworkers or fellow bloggers to vote.  Yes, it’s okay to offer to let a coworker borrow your new chair for a day or make them a cup of espresso when you win!  The better your story and the funnier your video, the better your vote-getting chances, even from people you don’t know!

The contest runs until January 31 for submitting videos.  Here’s a big hint – as of is posting, no one has submitted video!  You really could be just an upload away from a plush new chair to relax a little in between calls or a rich, steamy espresso to beat those afternoon blues.   How easy is that?  Instead of anyone complaining that you’re complaining again, now you could win a great prize for complaining about your cube!

There will also be a $200 gift card awarded randomly as a second prize in the contest.  That’s enough to get a cushy chair or padded wrist rests or take your supporting coworkers out for espresso.  Have some fun, make your video and maybe see things start to be a little brighter at work!

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

I love the idea of "pimping out your office cube!" Kinda wish they'd go a bit further and come up with "Pimp your Craft Room!" hahahahaha!