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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Mug Shot


John Conti Coffee
Louisville, Kentucky

This is the first Monday Mug Shot of 2010. There are Mondays that, for one reason or another, I can’t get the Mug Shot in, so for this year, I’m going to try a trick morning DJs use. I started doing the Mug Shot in 2007, when I was still blogging on Yahoo 360, back when Yahoo had blogs. Some visitors here may remember those days! Well, when some morning show or talk show radio people go on vacation the station plays a “Best of” show, in other words, a rerun. Since the newer Yahoo profile does have my blog archives, I hadn’t thought about doing that. But the truth is, you have to have a Yahoo account to view it and it’s really difficult to find specific content without going through many pages. So, on Mondays when I have just too much otherwise going on, I’m going to try to republish “Best of The Monday Mug Shot,” including the original blog date. If you weren’t a regular Chronicles of Nani reader on Yahoo, you’ll get to read some of the original Mug Shots! This is a filler, like the radio shows, when I can’t do it. I’ve still got lots of mugs left!

Today’s tale is a short one, but a nice memory!

The mug from breakfast on New Year’s Day has been around a while! I visited John Conti Coffees in Louisville on the trip I took with Mom in June of 1994. It was a nice trip, just a long weekend, but it included a dinner train and train museum, a paddleboat steamship ride on the Ohio River between Louisville and Indiana and a brief but informative stop to John Conti Coffee’s roasting facility/store.

The smell was incredible. Think of Starbucks times 100 flavors! Okay, maybe it weasn’t quite a hundred, but there were so many roasts and flavors! We saw the displays that talked about how they roasted the coffee and how flavors are add4ed to the coffees and of course we sampled what they like to call “the best coffee in town.”

It definitely did rate well with Mom and me. After spending an hour looking at the displays and sampling the coffee, we found ourselves going through a large bin of one-pot packs on clearance to go with the coffee beans and sweets we’d already picked out. Mom always joked that her boyfriend’s name was Clarence and they never spelled it right, but that’s why she always hung out wherever she saw his name! That was Mom’s way of saying “A sale! A sale!! A sale!!!” I think we were drinking the flavored one-pot vacuum packs for a year!

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Anonymous said...

I remember the Yahoo 360 days, I think that how we got acquainted :) I followed your blog over here....good lord, now I feel like a stalker! :)