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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Backup Glasses for Safety!

Who would have thought that an extra pair of eyeglasses could be a safety measure too? No kidding here, I have a couple of bruises on my face, including a really ugly one below my left eye. And I’m grateful to my dearly departed backup glasses that it wasn’t much worse! I’d turned in early and as a result woke up before the sun did Friday. Rather than waking my husband up, I got my backup glasses out of the office. Good thing I have an extra pair! Well, I just kept the extra pair on. Several hours later, I was in the bedroom to get a sweater. I twisted wrong and fell, face first, into the bed frame! My glasses took a lot of the impact. My broken glasses are probably why my damage was bruises and not a broken nose!

I learned two things that day. First, people with bad knees need to twist slower when they are looking for something and it’s really an essential thing to have at least one pair of backup eyeglasses! I’ve blogged about Zenni Optical before and I’ve also read the great review in examiner.com, part of New York’s Info 101, telling how it IS possible to get low cost, high quality eyeglasses. Now I’m about to make that call and get the necessary prescription information to become a customer too!

Zenni Optical has a selection of simple, fun frames that are only $8.00 with the lenses! They also have a large collection of frames in different designs, including rimless ones that are just like the ones I usually wear, glasses that look like my over $250 glasses for under $30. So tomorrow will be a call to the eye doc to get my prescription and pupillary distance. I’ll need that information to order my new backups. I picked a very pretty pair of half-rim glasses, adding the anti-reflective coating that my vanity has to have - $20.91! Even with my insurance, I can’t replace the broken glasses for anywhere near that inexpensive!

I’ve heard great testimonials from friends who swear by Zenni Optical for their backups. Of course, you aren’t replacing the care you get from your eye doctor. You still need the prescription information from an optometrist, but what you are replacing is the big bills for multiple pairs of glasses, which, believe me, are a good thing to have! Of course, if your reserve glasses look as good as your primary glasses, if anything does happen to them, you’ll still look good!

Whether it’s a backup pair or a couple in different colors to match your wardrobe, Zenni Optical keeps you looking and seeing your best for a LOT less!

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