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Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Fish Story

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of HealthyTuna.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

The big one that got away, That giant fish we’re trying to catch, pregnant women shouldn’t eat tuna, all myths! That last one is the worst of all of them! Tuna is one of the most versatile and tasty fish you can eat. It’s low in calories, high in good fatty acids, mild flavored and not fishy tasting and is wonderful in recipes hot, cold, mild or spicy.

When you or someone close to you is pregnant, she should stay away from fish that are high in mercury, like swordfish, mackerel or shark to name a few, but tuna is not in that list! In fact, according to recent studies I’ve read about at Healthy Tuna, eating fish during pregnancy can reduce the chances of depression for Mom during and after pregnancy and increases Baby’s brain and behavior development. In the article I was reading, Dr. Ashley Roman, OB/GYN, suggests eating at least two to three fish meals a week during pregnancy

Okay, no, not pregnant here, but I did have tuna for lunch!

My healthy tuna lunch today was a real simple tuna salad on medium-well done, warm toast served up with some yummy crunchy celery. Yes, I’ve been told that I’m one of very few people that ever uses the term “yummy celery,” but I’m among many who say that about the tuna!

My Dad uses tuna in the summer a lot in salads. Back before he retired, when he was in construction and out in the heat all day in the summer, a salad done with tuna, chunk cheese, olives, cucumbers and fresh tomatoes with his homemade vinaigrette was hearty but not so filling to made him uncomfortable after a hard-working day. I remember he used oil-packed tuna when I was much younger, but he switched to healthier water-packed later.

Mom used to make a tuna casserole when we were little that was great! That was another of her fantastic ways to stretch a dollar, but it was so good! I’m going to have to leaf through some recipes and see if I can reconstruct Mom’s recipe for that one. It was done with a soup for the creamy base, or maybe it was milk, but done with tuna and shell noodles with crunched up potato chips on top. I feel all full and warm inside just describing it!

As for me, I do a basic tuna salad that's on Davlicious Recipes, but it’s tuna, sweet relish and Miracle Whip. The salad I did today was smaller in proportion than the one on my recipe site because I used the 80-calorie, single serving envelope from Star-Kist. But I’ve also tried tuna steaks at home and tuna a couple different ways at good seafood restaurants.

Hey look, that’s three different ways to prepare tuna, all of them tasty and all of them satisfying! If there are any expecting Moms reading this, hit print! Everyone should checkout the Healthy Tuna site for more recipe ideas and articles about tuna. As something that’s good for everyone, tuna is the real deal, not just another fish story!

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