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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy National Popcorn Day!

Word art by Create with TLC

(This would have been up before NPD was over, but we lost Internet for a few hours!)

It's National Popcorn Day! Anyway, it way, it was. I found out about this holiday surfing the net. There was a link to a freebie stamp that brought me to Paulette’s blog, Create With TLC . As a popcorn fan myself, I just had to snag the stamp and discovered a wealth of fantastic freebies and sets, modestly priced, in her store. There are some fantastic things you can add to your digital and hybrid layouts to give them great character!

Of course, I popped a bowl of popcorn to go with my Bacon Ranch salad for lunch. I had errands to do and, craving a salad, I drove through McDonald’s after my bank stop, before I came home. Then, in honor of National Popcorn Day, I made another bowl for my afternoon snack! No, I very seldom make popcorn twice in a day and it really was, to me anyway, for the holiday! I made my popcorn with my trusty air-popper, seasoning it with butter flavored cooking spray and Kernel Seasons caramel corn. It’s a completely Wife 1500 approved treat, 120 fat-free calories for 5 air-popped cups, or 2 tablespoons of kernels, however you want to measure it. I usually measure 2 tablespoons into the air popper.

Here’s my layout to commemorate the day!

Credits: Kit – Amica by digiMom Designs, Template by
Lindsay Jane Designs, Word Art by Create with TLC

My scrapping in the now while I’m catching up is going well! I have no photos to scrap for 2010 right now and I did “The Good Lives” with the remaining photos from the folder of the layout I finished up last night

The Good Lives
Credits: For You by Mamrotka,
challenge template by Tiger Lily Digis

And now, April 2007 is done!

Dinner tonight was late. Popcorn is very filling. So, after David got in from a late night, I asked him if he was hungry. He was and we had the ham soup I made yesterday. I love Honey Baked Ham for soup! We got a quarter ham for Christmas dinner and I took the leftover ham out of the freezer last week for diner. We had Christmas dinner, dinner last week and I have one more package in the freezer that I made for another dinner. The end was a decent-sized piece with a bone in it! I cut the end in half and froze the half without the bone. I poured the remaining glaze in the zip-loc with the half with the bone in it to make soup.

Honey Baked Ham Soup

That was yesterday’s project. I browned an onion in a half tablespoon of oil, then added the piece of bone-in ham and a gallon of water. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer a few hours until it’s broth. Last thing add salt to taste. It’s really simple to make! Anything baked 0or roasted makes very flavorful soup that doesn’t need a lot added. That made enough broth that I had some for dinner yesterday with an ounce of the ham from making the broth and tonight we shared the rest of the broth with mini farfalle noodles and the rest of the meat.

David hadn’t tried ham broth before and I was really hoping he’d like it. He did! I love soup! It’s filling, cozy on a chilly night, low cal and just tastes good! Making soup also makes the price of just about any kind of meat go down!

Now, my sleepy self is going to have some popcorny dreams!

Create with TLC
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CreatewithTlc said...

Thank you~! Your layout using my word art looks awesome~! I personally love the Light Kettle Korn Popcorn~! Delish~!


Edna B said...

That did it!! Between the popcorn and the soup, now I'm getting hungry!! I think I might look into getting an air popper because we all like popcorn here.

As for the soup, my brother is always making different soups. They taste great in the cool weather.

Now I'm off to cook us some supper, and maybe play a bit on my PC. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

listgirl said...

I had no idea it was National Popcorn Day yesterday! Todd didn't even celebrate... it seems wrong!