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Monday, January 4, 2010

Food Fanatic

1 cup of oatmeal with 1 TBS chocolate & butterscotch morsels,
2 strips bacon, half grapefruit
and coffee with Coffeemate 360 calories

Breakfast was yummy this morning and filling enough that I skipped my mid-morning snack time. Like I said yesterday, I’m not going to show all the food I eat every day and I’m not going to talk about food on my blog every day, but today is one of the last couple of days off until school starts, so I have the opportunity to blog about it and establish a healthy food obsession. I’ve mentioned that before, that I need a decent obsession about food to keep me focused on doing it right!

Here was lunch:

1 cup Trader Joe’s Roaster Tomato and Red Pepper soup,
salad with 2TBS Newman’s light Balsamic Vinaigrette
and an Italian breadstick 215 calories

I LOVE that soup! It's the one I bought three boxes of last month when I stopped at Trader Joe's when I was in the Motherland! Some of the things I really enjoy about eating in a healthier balance are soups and dips! I have a copy of the Campbell’s Soup for Life book and it inspired some great ideas. I love to make soup, love to eat soup. Soups and stews are about the most creative I get to be in the kitchen and they are tasty, satisfying and make into gorgeous presentations! I always serve myself a setting that looks elegant, homey or both! Dips are very similar. I stick to lower fat dips like hummus, bruschetta or yogurt-based dips, but the content of the dip is determined by the maker of the dip, so often I make my own dips for crunchy veggies or crackers. I get to be creative with dip-making too!

I’ll stop in later with more food. But now is time for The Monday Mug Shot!

It’s just inches away. Scroll down!

Wait for it……….

Wait for it………….

Wait for it……………


Edna B said...

Gosh, those meals look just so yummy!!!!! It's a good thing I already finished my supper!

I used to collect mugs too, but Michael convinced me to give most of them away because I already collected enough stuff. But they were nice because each one had a story. So naturally, I enjoy reading your mug shot stories.

Now I'm off to see about doing a bit of scrapping. I got a new photo in the mail today and I want to scrap it so I can put it on my blog.

Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

src said...

The breakfast looks great. Drop a few chocolate chips into sawdust and I would eat that! Chocoholic here, chocoholic that's trying to work it into a healthy eating plan here in my world! Tootsie roll pops are great :)