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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is a New Place Part of Your New Year?

With a new year comes a lot of new choices. As the temperatures are down like the economy all over the country we all find ourselves trying to shovel out. Whether it’s snow places that just don’t see snow, or a pile of debt and rejection letters from resumes sent, part of that shoveling out, your fresh start, could mean moving.

I absolutely adore my current housemate and plan to remain bunking with him for a long time, but I hated moving in with him! That’s the time old truth that you have to be prepared to move! Whether you’re looking for an apartment or house, you can find many choices of homes for rentat Move.com. It’s an excellent first stop!

I’ve talked before about the heartbreak of reading about and seeing pets that can’t stay with the people they love because moving to an apartment meant NO PETS. What about a woman living alone moving for that first job after college? Someone looking for a short lease taking a temporary job in another state? Mve.com serves all those instances and then some!

Move.com gives you the opportunity to search for the area, type of living facilities, price and amenities for the right place for you. But you get more than that, there are great links for moving tips, getting your credit score, even how to decorate to give the illusion of more space and still be able to get you security deposit back when you leave.

I wish I’d have had the time and presence of mind to get some of their checklists for moving. There are things that stayed in Michigan that I swore I put in the box to come to Ohio. I even had to rescue my glass pates from my Dad and Aunt’s place. I saw them displayed like they were crystal on my Aunt’s hutch. A little bit of a snicker for me, because they were dollar store plates, but they sure did look good there! My Aunt was great about wrapping them up for me to take home. Can you imagine if she hadn’t liked them? IF I ever saw them again, I’d have had to buy them back from the Salvation Army Store!

Some day David and I will move. I’m not hoping it’s soon, but when we do, I want to take advantage of being able to move the organized way. Move.com offers the tools to find the place that’s right for you to live and tips for making it the smoothest transition possible!

If you’re even thinking about a move, it’s definitely worth a click!

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