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Monday, January 4, 2010

Goaltending Starts in the Morning!

The personal goal of better health and weight starts when I wake up. It’s Monday and David will work a little later, so we’ll probably do hot breakfast, as we often do when he’s working late, then we’re hoping to get to the grocery store to stock up on meats and veggies for the week, including some fruit for me and cup-o-soup, which rates way up there for Nani-snacks! I’ll try to remember to photograph breakfast so I can show it off with the calorie counts. I’m not going to do that every meal, every day, but tomorrow being the 2010 kick off and all, I’ll ask you all to indulge me!

Since the educational goals start later this week, I’ll be doing some organizing and scrapping on Monday. Scrapping in the now and a page-a-day in catching up starts officially tomorrow. I already have my layout of the first photos of 2010 done, with a few photos from BORTrail this weekend that will make a page or two. I decided not to do a show of my train photos this year. After the months that ended last year, I just wanted to take a break between the holidays. Besides, my Mac is getting way up there in years and very slow. It’s not that it won’t make movies anymore, but I know that right now it’s more stress than I wanted to deal with waiting forever for each bit to render! I’m hopeful that by next December I’ll either have a Mac upgrade or at least some decent calm in my life that I won’t mind the extra time the undertaking needs right now! There were a lot of fellow railfans that were surprised and a little disappointed that I wasn’t representing the BORT Women on the screen with my usual solo act. David did an awesome job on his show! He did a “talkie,” narrating rather than music with his slides and ended his show to an ovation from the fellow railfans when he showed his excellently exposed shots of the rainbow we saw on our honeymoon!

So, tomorrow, in addition to at least one catch-up layout, I’ll get probably page 2 and 3 of 2010 done too. I said that a page-a-day will officially start tomorrow, but I’ve been trying to keep that started since just before Christmas. I got a lot of catching up of the holiday stuff done as Christmas challenge layouts in 2009. I finished up 4 that I’d started before the end of the year on New Year’s Day while David was at work. I figure that counts as 2, since it was 4 half-done ones! I wasn’t home yesterday and didn’t bring my laptop with me because I know BORTrail runs late and I’m usually very tired by the time we check into the hotel. But I did get a catch-up layout for today d0one!

This is the begining of February, 2007:

Credits: Lions Fan Kit by Midnight Scrapping (except NFL trademarks),
template 11 by Designs by CMR

That one is a little fun ripping on the home football team of my Michigander days! I had only been an Ohiogander for 6 weeks when the frozen-over pictures in Hell, Michigan were taken!

Java 365 Update

Three days in and I have three coffee photos! Yay! I joined My Life & Scrap, who is doing a Project 52 challenge, which opens up to either a weekly layout of daily shots or weekly photos. You get a free template every week, that you don’t have to use to complete the week’s layout, and If you have 52 pages done at the end of the year, you win a year of access to Dogs Day Designs’ store, she’s the challenge host for the project 52, plus a year of store collabs! As if the free templates and encouragement wasn’t enough incentive to keep with it. WOW!

Well, I’m going to wrap up tonight in planning and scrapping. Is anyone else doing a project 365 or 52 this year? Anyone want some comment space for goals or resolutions, to brag, get some support or just make a public affirmation? Please feel welcome to shout it out in the comments. We’ll all raise a mug of cyber-coffee to your planned success!

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Edna B said...

Good morning, There is an award waiting for you on my blog.

I have started my "Photo A Day" project already and I think this is one resolution that I may be able to keep up with. Who knows, maybe I'll even try scrapping a layout each week of that week's photos! Your enthusiasm is catching.

Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.