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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Challenges, Treats and a Gift

Okay, I am so overdue for my first freebie of 2010, huh? Keep reading, that’s coming at the end!

When I take photos, I download them from my camera into folders. Two sets of the photos go onto my EHD on the Mac. One set is simply organized by month to be archived on a DVD when I have 4.7gb ready to burn. The other set is divided into folders for scrap pages. Right now I have master folders for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. I’m pleased to say that all of the folders in the 2010 folder are highlighted gray, the color code for “page is scrapped.” May through July in the 2007 folder and Thanksgiving-New Year’s Eve in the 2009 folder are highlighted blue, which means “on laptop.” What I’ll do is work on my catch-up work from the 2007 point and do my “scrapping in the now” layouts backwards into 2009 as long as all the 2010 folders are done.

My page-a-day goal still includes doing a 2007 page first, but then I’ll do the 2009 layouts as I can too. This means I need to get some flash drives in the mail! I promised a couple of those camera wielding guests at the reception drives to get copies of their photos and I could be back to July before I know it! We didn’t hire a professional photographer, I just asked everyone who had a camera to bring it and let me have a copy of their pictures, I’ve got a really nice collection to scrap!

There was a speed scrap last night at Designs in Digital and on Monday, Tracy of Ambowife Designs, hosted the first chat scrap at The Studio, formerly Stone Accents Studio. Both challenges were one-photo challenges. Hmph. In all of those folders on my EHD, there are very few with only one picture! I did have one from the holiday season last year with only one and a plan to include some journaling detailing why a sandwich was important enough to scrap!

Well, I decided to use the same photo, journaling and the same kit for that sandwich and do both challenges. Then I’d decide which one I liked better to add to the scrapbook.

Here is the Monday one:

Credits: Kit – Ciao Italia by Darlene Haughin, CU leaves by Voshebnica

Here is Wednesday:

Credits: Kit – Ciao Italia by Darlene Haughin

If you have a favorite of the two, I’d love to hear it. Leave a Monday or Wednesday in the comments. I’ll take those opinions into consideration while making my choice!

Java 365

What I find I like the most about this year’s 365 project, is that in order to have interesting photos related to coffee, I’m trying new coffee things! This week’s new coffee was my own blend, leftover coffee if you will. I took the last of a bag of Starbucks espresso beans that I had in the fridge and put them in my coffee grinder with a couple sticks of cinnamon. I ground that top drip coarseness and mixed it with an equal measure of our everyday Columbian. That gave me enough grounds for two fantastic full-bodied pots of Cinnamon-espresso-Columbian. Serve it with Coffeemate and Splenda and it’s just a Heaven-sent treat! I’m thinking it’s time to look into some one-pot bags of beans and maybe a vanilla bean and continue playing!

Here is my week three masterhouse…er, masterpiece:

Credits: Nicole’s Coffee by Green Elephant Designs,
Template P365-Java1 by Digitalegacies Designs

This week’s layout is done with a Digitalegacies Designs template and you know what that means! I have a gift to share!

Password is coffee

J1 is a great template for your project 365 layouts or any multi-photo page with some room for more elements or journaling. If you download it, I’d love to read your comments here rather than at 4-shared and if you use the template in a layout, I’d love to see it! You can link to it in comments or via email.


Jacquie said...

I like wednesday's layout better, the colours are brighter....

The coffee layout is awesome ! I love the template !

Thanks for sharing !

txbubbles said...

Long time, no see! I hardly ever have time to blog hop anymore. Shoot, I hardly have time to blog anymore, lol. Great template you have here. Oh, of the two LO's, IMHO definitely Monday. The composition is fabulous, and the kraft paper background really compliments the photo.

Sharon Kay said...

Fun template ... thank you for sharing!

Micki Hall said...

Thanks for the lovely template.