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Friday, June 26, 2009

School Dazed

I’ve decided that what I need to do is put the Chronicles of Nani regular features on a “not guaranteed” status until my current class is through. I have three regular features: Monday Mug Shot, Photoblog Wednesday and Friday By Request. Now, Friday By Request is only when I have requests and I’ll still honor those when they come in, but my class is Monday and Wednesday with plenty of homework between those days too, so I’m just not in a position where I can guarantee that my focus and refocus will be working! So, the regular features will be on a “as time allows” basis for now. Hopefully my fall class, which will be a full 16 weeks instead of 16 weeks in 8, like summer semester, will give me a little sanity to keep up! I will keep up blogging a few times a week and even the features when I can.

That being said, school uis actually going okay. I feel like I‘m starting to get it now. I’ll be a networking machine in no time! For me, the key to learning is the metaphor. I need to be able to create my own metaphor to make it stick. The book uses traffic comparisons, that the path of information in wires is like traffic, so I work on finding other tangible comparisons or at the very least, visualize my own car as a packet of data.

Well, it’s working for me!

I finished up a new scrapbook kit yesterday! See? SOME semblance of organization and time is coming back! It’s going to be released as July starts so I can maximize the time it gets to be in the “new kits” front page at Scrap Bird. I’ve made the mistake of putting a new kit up on the last day of the month before and lost a lot of visual exposure in the store! I’ll have more about the new kit next week, but here is a little tease:

There’s still time for the challenges this month at Scrap Bird! I’m going to be doing my Template Challenge layout this weekend and I’m still hoping to give away some more copies of Stardust!

You can have Stardust for free when you do a layout in the I Wanna Talk About Me challenge! This month, I’m asking for a layout that includes a photo of you with someone special to you.

This weekend is a big cleaning weekend. We’ll be in Pittsburgh next weekend and then it’s the reception. EEKS! There isn’t a TON to be done, but there is a lot. We still have to do the proofreading on our programs and get the house at least clean enough for guests to stop by. The party isn’t here, but I’d rather have everything clean and no one stops by than have anyone pop in and it’s a mess of prep for the party and marathon studying!

So, after my 8:30AM physical therapy session, I’ll come home and do the part of sorting things that I can do while I’m sitting with the ice pack for a while. Then I can do the things for which I need to be ore mobile. David will do the vacuuming, but I’m in charge of making the grout shine!

And for now, I need to get ready for physio! I’ll try to write a bit more this afternoon!


Edna B said...

It sounds like you're really having a grand time in school. I almost envy you. Learning is a wonderful thing.

Your layout of Popsie and Nani is realy lovely. Thank you for sharing some of your memories.

Hugs, Edna B.

Edna B said...

I have an award awating you on my blog. Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.