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Friday, June 19, 2009

Rounding Out The Week

Nani and Popsie through the years

I missed Photoblog Wednesday this week, but I really am trying to get myself organized! The good news is that I think it’s finally working! as of yesterday afternoon, my homework for Monday is completed and I’m working on reading ahead the chapters for next week! YAY, NANI!!

We woke up to TONS of rain this morning, complete with thunder and lighting. I had therapy at 8:30 and the barometric effects on everything we’ve been working on in therapy made my shoes feel like 50-pound weights! That was BEFORE I went! I’m actually doing better, more reps than Wednesday and better at keeping my foot straight. That knee is what we’re working on. My right foot tends to fall sideways to the right when it’s relaxed and the normal muscles became weak as a result. Part of strengthening the knee is retraining the right muscles to work. The therapist says he can see by the way I walk that I’ve been using the wrong muscles for a long time! So, while I’m really not doing much, it kinda knocks me out. This afternoon I’ve been especially lethargic. I’m going to grab a B12 after I finish this. The extra oxygen in my blood will perk me up and will help the muscles heal up so I can attack them again Monday afternoon!

David and I will be making a trip to Indianapolis to have Father’s Day barbecue with Dad at my brother’s. Dave called me last night to find out when we’d be there and to let me know what Pop’s plans are. My Dad will get to Indy around noon-thirty and he’s going to barbecue dinner. That’s his thing for Fathers Day. Let him cook for both his kids, their spouses and granddaughters and he is the king of the wold. Bonus for us that Pop is an incredible artisan at the grill!

Since we’re celebrating Fathers Day tomorrow and David is working on Sunday, AND that y homework is done, I’m hoping to get some things done in designing. I have three kits in different stages of done on my Apple’s hard drive and my plan uis to have at least one of them done and in the store next week! In the mean time, there is a great Fathers Day weekend sale going on at Scrap Bird right now! As part of that sale, ALL of Digitalegacies Designs’ products are 30% off all weekend long! Make sure you check it out!

A special wish to Seamhead Gypsy, South Shore Billy and the Dads reading for a

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