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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday Mug Shot (Student Edition)

Okay, the truth is I should be able to get back on track with the Mug Shot being on Mondays by August. Right now I start every Monday with three hours of intro to computer networking and, at least for now, I also have physical therapy for my knee on Monday afternoons. So this means that there will be weeks that I can’t get the Mug Shot done on time. I don’t want to stop doing the weekly Mug Shot because I’ve gotten a lot of comments on it and a few emails. I think it’s a relatively popular feature at The Chronicles of Nani. Maybe there are more hits when I give away a scrapbook freebie, but the Mug Shot is more popular with my regular readers and while any coffee shop appreciates and needs those customers who stop in every once in a while for a cappuccino to go, it’s the regulars you keep your doors open for!

I ended up cancelling physio yesterday because my doctor wanted me to come in and talk about the x-rays he had me get done on my knee. That made me a little nervous! What could be going on that he couldn’t tell me on the phone? Of course, my blood pressure was up!

He assured me it wasn’t anything terrible. I have some swollen tissue, water on the knee as it used to be known, and cartilage loss, osteoarthritis. My insurance won’t do an MRI until attempts in physical therapy have been tried so I’ll be in that three times a week for about a month, then we’ll reassess. He’d prefer to not do surgery and the arthroscopic rather than a knee replacement if it’s necessary. He told me the shelf life on a replaced knee is about 20 years and then it would need to be replaced again. I’m too young for that if it can be avoided. If I make it to 97, I’d have to have THREE replacements! I did get a shot of cortisone in my knee which brought down the swelling and dulled the pain quite a bit. Today, I’m relieved of enough pain that I can feel how weak my knee really is. All in all, that’s a good thing. I’ve been hurting enough that I don’t mind feeling a little weak.

This brings me to today. I’m catching up yesterday’s blog, then I’ll be devoting the lion’s share of the evening to more reading and homework. The way the homework assignments work, is while we’re in class Monday and Wednesday, all the homework is due Monday morning. I prefer to be ahead than behind or even just on time! But for now, I’ll pour my second cup of coffee for today and tell you about the mug it’s in!

Smiley Mug

David and I stopped at Eat-N-Park in wet of Cleveland on the way home from our trip east last month. Eat-N-Park is one of my favorite family restaurants and it was an easy “yes!!” for me because I‘d been craving their fish. They have so many wonderful choices that fit in with the Wife 1500 program including a great salad bar!

Eat-N-Park is a smaller chain family restaurant based in Pittsburgh. I love their fish menu, especially the Nantucket Cod, my favorite, cod made with crab, shrimp spinach and cheese for 418 calories. They also have a real espresso bar and I can’t stop at Eat-N-Park without having a signature Smiley Face Cookie. It just completes the meal!

The closest Eat-N-Park to us is in the Cleveland area, so it’s a treat and a “must stop” when we are near one. David and I have stopped with both Tori and Rina on trips to Pennsylvania we’ve taken with them, with Smiley Cookies for dessert and I mentioned to Ben and Ellen that it’s a great place to stop when they travel west for the reception, stressing the importance of Smiley Cookies for the kids!

That last time we stopped, it was in the evening the day before Memorial Day. There were very few customers, so the staff had a moment or two…or three, to spend with each and every customer. David was wearing a t-shirt that he’d bought the weekend we met. It says “All this and brains too.” It caught the attention of one of the servers who loved the shirt and wanted to know where it came from. One thing Mensans learn fairly early is that you don’t make a big point of being a Mensan unless you’re with other Mensans. That waitress asked him where he got the shirt, and he was honest. He got it at a Mensa gathering in Michigan. As she told just everyone in the place about the great t-shirt, she also repeated over and over that he got it at a Mensa event, that he was one of those smart guys. I really don’t know if she believed him or not, but boy she went on and on! It IS a pretty cool shirt, though!

David is the one who saw this mug when we were walking in and he fully intended that I should take it home. Something about my mug obsession and my Smiley Cookie obsession making it perfect or me.

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Edna B said...

Good afternoon, I have a new award awaiting you on my blog. I love this mug. Have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.