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Friday, June 19, 2009

Diamond Girl

That’s me! Nani the Diamond-Girl!

Yo know how much I like diamonds! I love baseball diamond enough to be planning our after-the-fact wedding reception at a ball game and I adore the rhythmic sound of a train crossing a diamond, where two tracks intersect. There’s that diamond that David put on my hand to sparkle forever too. You know I really like that one! My favorite perfume is even a diamond!

I love White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor! I just feel like I sparkle like a diamond myself when I’m wearing it. There is a perfume shop online where I can get it for an awesome price too. Lucky me! I’m thinking maybe I need to spoil myself a little with a bottle of my favorite favorite perfume. My first exam in school is next week. If I do well, I’ll reward myself!

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