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Friday, June 12, 2009

It’s a Bird, It’s a Bug, It’s a Hummingbird!

The first time I remember seeing a hummingbird was in Noni’s backyard. It was hovering around the fig tree looking for nectar, flapping its wings constantly to keep afloat. I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old and I jumped back a bit because I thought I was looking at a huge bug. Noni told me it was a bird and Mom corroborated that story. Upon closer look, I saw it indeed was a tiny bird! Now, Grandma has a hummingbird feederand I love to watch when the tiny and ambitiously flapping birds come to visit!

I hadn’t realized until some recent reading just how my kinds of hummingbird there are! In the US, they migrate north at this time of year and many of the breeds even visit urban areas too, so with the right kind of bait, you can watch them I your very own backyard! They eat insects and nectar and with their very high metabolisms, have to eat constantly. The nectar Grandma use is a simple mix of sugar and water but you can attract even more of them with a bottle of hummingbird nectar.

Of course, you need a hummingbird feeder, to keep the nectar in! Those can be in simple balls that you hang outside the window or in ornate outdoor sculptures that hold nectar. There are some truly beautiful pieces of art whose beauty is just enhanced with the fluttering birds visiting. What an awesome gif idea, especially for someone with a summer birthday, it’s a present that will bring a smile with every hovering stop!

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