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Friday, October 17, 2008

Stuff - Lots of Little Stuff

So how do I strike you? Eeyore or Dumbo?

Do you think I am left or right in my politics?

The truth is I’m a bit of both. Some of my opinions are totally bleeding heart liberal and some of them would frighten the most staunch Republicans into thinking they had become a Democrat. I’m American. I vote and support American stuff. In a democracy, everyone voting keeps anyone's far left or far right ideas from becoming law. That’s the way it should be. So if you are American and of legal age, make sure you vote. No matter how many people agree or disagree with your ideas, everyone expressing their thoughts in the polls is how we keep it all in balance. It’s the only way we’re truly represented. If you give up your portion of the apple pie, we all starve!

Nani Steps on the Political Soap Box

And that’s pretty much all I’ll say about that here. The Chronicles of Nani is my happy and friendly blog. It’s my personal world, free from more than a passing mention of work, politics or religion. You all know I’m looking for work right now and I have very strong political and religious convictions but you know what they say about discussing religion and politics! Those are the two areas that people are so passionate about they cause arguments. Generally, I’m a non-argumentative person. That’s why I have the Soap Box blog, to scream when I feel like I need to scream. So, if you promise not to come back to The Chronicles screaming at me, but please do come back to The Chronicles, you can read my brief scream about the US election, Dignity, at the Simply Davine Soap Box. (Feel free to scream back at me there, but let’s just respect our right to disagree!)

Optimists Baseball Club, Anyone?

As I was telling David yesterday, and I also want a certain Red Sox Nation cousin of mine to know too, if the Red Sox don’t win the World Series this year, it won’t be my fault! I’M still sending my positive thoughts of support!

“Toast.” David used the word and Seamhead Gypsy used it in a comment he left here. “The Red Sox are toast.” Yeesh!

In 2004, when they were down 3 games to nothing to the Yankees, they came back, won it and swept the Cardinals in the World Series. Last year, they were down the same 3-1 they were at the beginning of the game last night and came back, beat the Indians and then swept the Rockies. You’ll recall, The Rockies had an “OMG where’d THAT come from?” end of the season last year, similar to the Devil Rays’ entire 2008.

The Red Sox were down 7-0 in the seventh inning last night! Tied 7 all, the Sox had come back from the largest deficit in LCS history as the bottom of the ninth started. With 2 down, JD Drew’s walk-off single scored Kevin Youkilis from second for an 8-7 final! What a finish!

The Red Sox do that comeback thing well and I for one, won’t give up the cause. 2 more victories and it’s back to the World Series.

How do I like MY toast, guys? In a champagne glass!

Saving a Watermelon

Some time back when David and I were doing the fruit and veggie thing with my Dad, Pop bought me a watermelon. I LOVE watermelon, really!! But I don’t buy whole watermelons because that’s a lot of watermelon and there are just two of us here! But I sure wasn't going to say no to a watermelon gift! I figured I'd just be eating a lot of watermelon.

I was a few days and just under half melon in, when David and I were leaving for the weekend. So, I chunked up all the remaining watermelon, two containers full, and popped it in the freezer.

The following week, I pulled out one container to thaw some of the chunks for dessert. Melon freezes okay, but it’s on the slimy side when it thaws. David is not the watermelon fan I am and wouldn't eat it slimy.

Solution? Watermelon ice! I took the remaining frozen watermelon cubes and crushed them in the blender. I made a couple tubs of snow cone that was very richly watermelon flavored and a wonderful treat, no slimy texture!

It’s simple to make, cut-freeze-crush-keep in freezer, and a large scoop (1 cup) is about 56 calories. It lasts well too! I’m getting near the end of it now, but it’s still wonderful! I had a scoop of it with my granola bar for breakfast this morning. YUM!

Contest Entries Come Home

I made a few changes on my SAS gallery for the previews for my two contest kits. I’ve been allowed to remove the links since the contest ended, but my evenings have been baseball, planning the cast party and a personal project that I‘ve been working on, so I hadn’t moved them. But now, they have come home to The Chronicles of Nani, so ALL of the Digitalegacies kit are here again!

If you didn’t want to join at SAS, accidentally deleted files juggling all the freebies there or are a first-time visitor to The Chronicles, all of the links for the complete kits are below.

Sorry, these links are expired.

Sorry, these links are expired.

I appreciate any comments and if you leave them here rather than at 4-Shared I’m sure to see them! (Especially if there is a broken download. I have so much at 4-Shared that I depend on you letting me know here if something needs fixed!)

As always, if you show me a layout done with any Digitalegacies products, I’ll show you the link and password for “Indian Summer!” Pretty cool deal - use a freebie, get another freebie!


Elaine said...

Thank you so much for both of your kits, love them both!!

Edna B said...

Today is Sunday the 19th. GO RED SOX NATION! I watched a damn good game last night. Did you? You gotta love these Red Sox. They give you your money's worth.
I will have to say that Tampa is quite the worthy opponent.
Well that's it for today, gotta go gt ready to march.
have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Penny S said...

Wow, what a gift. Thanks for sharing.

seamhead gypsy said...

I just had the misfortune of reading the historical account of the Red Sox 7 - 0 come from behind victory. Misfortune you say. with my mbp on my lap I witnessed Ortiz strike out on ball four while Pedroia gets caught stealing.

strike 'em out throw 'em out. the sox are down 2-1 in the sixth. I sure hope i'm wrong cause this tampa bay ray team is much better than that indians team from last year.

despite my "toast" comment. the red sox flag still flies out front of my home (i didn't even take it down during the packers game again) and i'm wearing all red sox gear.

yes, even underwear! :-)

And I hope I eating "plum jelly" on MY toast in the morning!

seamhead gypsy said...

waaaaaa!!!!!! sniff, snifff.

ok. i'm all better now.

Now the question is.... Rays? (to keep the WS title in the AL east) or Phillies? (I like Charlie Manual-from my cleveland days, and I also like the NL style of play. (despite my Big Papi being my daughter's favorite player, I'm not fond of the DH)

So, who's it gonna be? Rays? or Phillies? I leaning toward the Phillies, but it seems the Rays can do no wrong this year!

Maybe the question should be a FBR?

seamhead gypsy.

Anonymous said...

Rays or Phillies? Yawn. I have no reason to like or dislike either team. I'd have liked a Sox-Dodgers matchup had the Sox made it, but since they'd didn't I'm glad the Dodgers didn't either, because we'd be hearing about Manny, Manny, Manny -- though the reality is, the Red Sox might not have even made the playoffs had they kept Mr. Slacker through to the end of the season. So it's all a big snooze to me.


Granna Deanna said...


I just found your blog today through the SAS forum challenges. I would love to have the elements to this kit but the link is not valid. Thanks so much for your generousity!

Nani said...

Granna Deanna - I checked the links to the elements for both in two different browsers and had no trouble. Try it again and if it's still not working, send me an email!