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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photoblog Wednesday

“Holy broken Windows, Batman! It’s the Apple signal!”

I discovered this on Sunday and didn’t know what it was at first, until I looked at it the right direction! At this time of year, when the sun sinks down in the, about 5M sky, it shines in the window and hits the silver Apple logo on my computer. That projects up on the ceiling for a cool glowing apple overhead. It’s pretty cool!

Okay, or maybe I’m just a geek! :)


seamhead gypsy said...

hey nani!

if you're a geek cause you get all tickled about the apple glowing on your ceiling, then so am i sister!!

i'm sitting here trying to figure out how i can make my apple shine up on my ceiling!!!

i fear that the red sox are toast. :-(

seamhead gypsy

Carjazi said...

I guess I'm a geek cuz I knew immediatley what it was, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

Just poppin in to say hi and catch up. Been sick and missing my blog hopping.

Hope all is well!

txbubbles said...

Cool photo! I know you are a fan of Gaido's, here is an update http://www.galveston.com/gaidosrestaurant/
Vicki in Texas