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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Eve of All Hallows Eve!

Happy All Hallows Eve-Eve! I’m getting ready to run some errands for Grandma. She and I go in together on the Thanksgiving planning. We changed a few logistics things last year, so I’m still working on the new things. First off, I won’t be making the dressing this year. Dad will do it. He’ll have Mom’s recipe, the one I use, but this will be the first year he’s done it...and he doesn’t like stuffing! I think he’ll still put the love into it, even if he won’t eat it. Grandma and I have already discussed the shopping she and Dad will do after she gets to hs place. Last year they went to do the shopping and everything was good, except... Dad bought gravy mix! IN AN ENVELOPE!! I went into the kitchen after the turkey came out to make the gravy and Dad told me he already made the gravy. I didn’t even know he knew how since he isn’t a gravy guy either. Then he told me he bought a couple packages of gravy and already made them.

I was speechless. He could tell from the look in my eyes that I wasn’t pleased as the next thing he said was, “It’ll be okay. It’s good gravy.”

It was NOT good gravy. It was packaged grocery store gravy on national home cooking day. BLAH!

You know there are food stories, Thanksgiving food mishaps that have become family legend with us. There was the year my Great Grandmother made the dressing, gizzard dressing with the gizzards IN it. I think that was the last year she made the dressing. One year, Grandma made the deviled eggs and grabbed the wrong red spice for garnish. Instead of paprika, they had hot pepper on them! Now, Pop is the proud perpetrator of the fabled mishap for his generation - thinking packaged gravy could every replace the traditional family recipe! YEESH!

Grandma is going to keep an eye on him. He will not be permitted to put an envelope of anything in the cart this year!

So, Thanksgiving dinner is now at Dad’s place, roughly in the middle point for Grandma in mid-Michigan and us in Toledo. Last year, I loaded up the cooler with the stuffing and turkey cookies. This year, David is working Wednesday night, so, we’ll take off early Thanksgiving morning for the Motherland. The nice thing about it being at Dad’s house, is it’s a little over an hour drive. Grandma is about four hours for us! So this s year, I won’t be bringing the stuffing because it has to be in the turkey Wednesday night to cook bright and early on Thursday to be done in time for dinner! I will still make my cookies, though!

About the cookies and the errands, my responsibility is to get a paper table cloth with matching paper napkins and plates for dessert. The stores slip from Halloween right to Christmas and it’s so hard to find anything Thanksgiving except for a few things in limited quantities. So, I need to get out today, before Halloween, so I have a little selection and things that actually match!

That’s personal peeve of mine. We have a few gatherings for Christmas and our UNO and The Fabulous Dessert Bar, but Thanksgiving is the one big home cooking and stay in one place all day thing. Everyone moves around on Christmas, but Thanksgiving we are together all day. To me, that has always made Thanksgiving very special and I want to totally immerse myself in that day. It took me three years before I finally found a pouffy turkey paper decoration for the dessert table! And a turkey or otherwise Thanksgiving appropriate cookie cutter? Forgedaboutit! Then, in 2006, at Target, in the bargain section...TURKEY COOKIE CUTTERS! You KNOW I bought those! Now I make decorated turkey-shaped cookies to add to the dessert table!

Before I go out to get those paper products for Thanksgiving, I wanted to announce that I’m now a two-time recipient of the Kreativ Blog! Aquarius Scrapability has bestowed the award upon me!

This week the award calls for 7 things I love and to pass it on to seven people. So, here goes...

I love...
Pumpkin Spice coffee
Mr. Goodbar
Giving candy to the Trick or Treaters
Thanksgiving decorations
Being able to have scrapbooking time while David is playing online poker
Knowing the off season is only a few months and baseball will be back!

And now I will pick seven wonderfully creative people to whom I’m extending the award!

Kim’s Scrappin
Kalo Designs
The Pink Touque


Edna B said...

Nani, thank you so much for this award. This really made my night splendid!

I love the costume you've picked out. Zorro??? I was never a Zorro type. But your David will probably be just dashing rescuing you from the crowd in his Zorro suit. Can't you just picture it?
That is so-o-o-o romantic!

Have a great Halloween. Look for me and the Tootsie. We just might be flying over your house tomorrow night. It is such a treat to be able to travel with my new broom. The old one was falling apart, making the ride quite bumpy. This one gives a wonderfully smooth ride.

Hugs, Ednas B.

Lesley said...

Awwwe thanks for the award, Nani! I am so honoured :D Should I post it and do the same thing -- list 7 things and pass it on to 7 more people? I don't know how this works!

Nani said...

I'm going to email Lesley too in case she doesn't come back, but I forgot that last part of the award!

Yes, you get to post the award on your blog and share 7 things you love and share the award with seven others!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Thank you for the award Nani. I've never had pumpkin spice coffee, sound good though as I love pumpkin. The mounds and almond joy costumes sound sweet! :)

Dinphy said...

Aw, thank you girl!
I'm so happy with it!
You know I'm not a daily blogger, but I'll blog about it. Promise. :)

Loved your food-stories, especially about the envelope gravy. Seems to me that things 'going wrong' aren't so bad. "all went so nice and perfectly" is of course very nice to live, but not much fun as story to tell! ;)

Good luck finding the right matching items!

LiviaY said...

Awwwww... THANKS for the award, Nani!!! Love it! What better way to start my morning?


Stacy said...

Thank you so much! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, it has just been way too crazy over in this neck of the woods. I really appreciate the award. I'm typing up my Monday blog now and including it in that post.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and I, too, love pumpkin spice coffee.

Thanks again and have a great Sunday!