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Friday, October 31, 2008

It’s Begining To Shop A Lot Like Christmas

You’ve heard me complain about Halloween ending and Christmas starting right up in stores. While I do wish there was more of a decorating fuss about Thanksgiving, I realize that the big push is food for the kick off to the holiday season and the retail mainstay is Christmas as well as Hanukkah, the gift giving holidays! The other thing, I’m a realist. When the economy is bad and disposable income is down, you have to start holiday gift shopping early and the greatest gifts are the ones that have bonuses!

Now I’m not a hunter, but I want to tell you about the Nikon ATB line of binoculars, Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars! I prefaced that with “I’m not a hunter,” because ATB is “All Terrain Binocular,” perfect for spotting a deer at a distance, but also great for identifying distant train signals and a good look at the engine. They are great for seeing right into the dugout to check out the hot baseball players this spring too! You know I love baseball as a sport first and foremost, but there are additional bonuses we that are attracted to the male gender enjoy at a game where they don’t have to wear a helmet!

My Dad gave me a pair of mini binos that he’d bought for hunting. He’s really not a hunter, just goes now and then with my uncle socially. Imagine that, a social hunter! What I found with the binoculars he gave me is that they are better quality than the standard consumer binoculars. I’d even want the hunting ones for bird watching or looking for ships on the ocean when I’m at the beach.

Now, the Nikon ATB line is appealing for several reasons. The very best cameras I’ve had have been Nikons. When I am ready to buy my good digital, I already have my eye on a Nikon. So, it’s a brand I trust. Plus, right now and through December, they are offering gift cards, up to $50, good for Nikon Pro Gear.

Nikon Pro Gear offers shirts, hats, outerwear and accessories, good for hunting or hunting bargains on cold days when your hunter is in the field. The thing that’s great with the promotion is you get two gifts in one really. The best gifts in economic hard times are the ones that give and give some more!

Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars

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