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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grand Finale

Yes, I said “grand!” It’s been a decent week. I’ve managed to punch out a scrapbook page every night this week. Considering that I don’t start until 5 PM, David’s not starving and I’m still catching a little playoff baseball, that’s not too shabby at all! I’m also organizing the designer cast-party after the SAS Contest and trying like anything to get a group to meet me for apple picking in the next couple weeks.

But fear not those who knew me when...I am NOT turning back into a “Type A” personality! I like me at a “Type B for balanced!” College actually did that for me. When I went back I was juggling a TON. I had to learn how to balance everything in my life to make it all work. I found out that I like me a lot better when I’m balanced than when I was a steam rolling stress ball! Balanced isn’t living without stress, it’s just being able to put stress into a manageable perspective. I’ve gotten pretty good at it most of the time. Hmm... I hope I’m not to close to Nirvana though, I like life too much to be done recycling! ;)

I don’t blush, not really. I generally don’t get embarrassed easy, even though I’m always worrying about embarrassing myself, when something embarrassing happens, it just doesn’t do the job of mortifying me that it’s supposed to. I also try to be humble, even though I don’t necessarily feel humble. When a fuss is made about me, I feel grateful, which is a nice way to feel, but if I said it made me blush, I’d be lying. So, I won’t say that I’m blushing about it or putting up a facade of being humble, but I’ll say that I’m truly grateful when I thank Edna for another blog award!

Edna said some very nice things about The Chronicles of Nani when she gave me the Gold Star Blog Award. I’m happy to share my mug stories and the little things that happen to me. It’s part of my Optimist’s Credo, to find the magic in everything around you so your world is a beautiful kingdom. I hope sharing the everyday miracles in my world make the miracles in all of your worlds a little brighter too!

The Gold Star blog award has some very simple rules:

**If you receive this award, you must pass it on to three other blogs. You then must post on the chosen winners' blogs to let them know about it.

**If you have already received this award, you do not have to pass it on.

Well, this is my first time putting this plaque on my wall, so this time I will pass it on! I’m choosing three of my fellow cast mates on the scrapping reality show at SAS who were very supportive of me when I made my decision to pull out of the race.

Yeah, I realize that the gold star award is supposed to be about the blogs, but how can they not be gold star blogs? They are done by Gold Star PEOPLE! Thanks for your support ladies!!

Sooze, Scrappin Stuff With Sooze
Amber, No Reimer Reason
Mitsybelle, mITSYBELLE
Tracy, Ambowife Designs
Christina, Wimpy Chompers Creations

Okay, and I can’t count either. But it’s a good thing when you count your blessings and run out of fingers! :)

And what would a grand finale be without getting something as you’re leaving?

This little freebie is my sharing a mistake! But it’s kinda like when you accidentally put too much frosting on a black forest cake, can’t throw it away, so you share it!

There was a recipe card swap at DSO last month. It was such a busy month that I really wasn’t doing any challenges, but I try to at least do Sherrie’s and Darlene’s challenges each month as part of the CT support role for my designers! Well, Sherrie was doing a recipe card swap. I figured that was something I could do sorta quickly and it would be a little promotion for the current bonus for showing me your layouts with my stuff! I missed the part that said the kits needed to be kits by a DSO designer! (not a CT member of a couple DSO designers!) So I redid cards for the challenge, one with a Darlene kit and one with a Sherrie kit, and sent them in. Now...well, I have too much frosting on my black forest cake! Want a piece??? :D

Sorry, this link is expired.

I SO appreciate your comments, preferably here at The Chronicles of Nani where I'm more likely to see them! And remember, show me a layout done with any parts of a Digitalegacies kit, and I'll send you the link for all of Indian Summer!


Edna B said...

These will look very nice as part of a recipe book and card set that I am making as a Christmas gift. Thank you so much. Hugs, Edna B.

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much! Love these colors!

carjazi said...

Sounds like you're a busy bee lately. Hope you got to go apple picking over the weekend.

Great recipe cards too! Thanks so much.

Christina said...

Aww, thank you hon! You are so sweet and made my day!!!

Sooze said...

Thanks so much for the award! You're so sweet!!! I'll be passing it on later this week.
Hugs, Susan (Sooze)