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Thursday, October 2, 2008


The grand scrapping news of the day, the winners have been announced at Stone Accents Studio! Congratulations to mITSYBELLE, Piggy Scraps and Monika Digital Designs! They are the last three standing in our month-long scrapping reality show! If you click their names, they'll take you to their blogs. Leave them some congratulatory love!

Congratulations to all of the designers who were in this competition! We started with 33 of us, 30 of us don’t have stores, but we produced some great free kits! And now, we have a little “freebiepalooza” of our own in the works for all for you that downloaded, voted and read incessant pleas for your support! You all really came through for us and kept spirits high when the stress demons came to haunt us as we worked on deadlines and awaited voting results. Give us a couple weeks to prepare and we’ll be inviting you to our cast-party!

Speaking of parties, have you visited the Blog Central for Fall Splendor? Even if you don’t scrap, it’ cool to look at all of the takes on the swatch and theme. Come on, you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy looking at the lights! All the kits work well together, yet they all have their individual flair. Fall Splendor was something that Kristine planned and put together far in advance. I had my mini kit done before the start of the SAS contest. Maybe that’s why I started craving Pumpkin Spice coffee early this year.

The Fall Splendor Blog Party page will be up through the whole month of October, but don’t put your visit off! There is a lot to download!!


Now, I may not have endured all the challenges of the contest, but I’m proud to add to my awards wall in the right column twice this week!

First, Thanks to Darlene for adding another name plate on my I Heart Your Blog Award! I am now a FOUR-time recipient of that award!

Darlene is one of my designers for whom I do CT work and a designer I admire! She mentioned my “cheerleading” and presentation of the SAS finalists as some of the things that make The Chronicles of Nani “lovable!” Thanks, Darlene!

I also have a new plaque on the wall, courtesy of Edna, of Miss Edna’s Place.

It’s spanish. I do have a translation! (my spanish isn’t that good...yet!)

This is the translation that Edna was given for it: "To highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, but also to extend the hand of friendship around the world." That’s not the direct translation, but the direct translation pretty much says the same thing. It says it’s a blog that makes the world closer. Thanks, Edna!!

I’m not so good with the choosing 8 people out of the continually growing list of blogs I read, but I think I’m going to create an award. I’ve always wanted to be the original creator of something that makes the rounds on the internet. My original memes somehow didn’t circulate as well an “bacon bits or croutons?” Well see if this works! Stay tuned for details.

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Edna B said...

While you're passing out the cheers for great work, you need to include yourself. Your work is gr-r-r-r-eat!!!!

Please visit my blog for a well deserved award. I know, I know, another one? Well, if I need to share it with other great folks, you're right at the top of the list. I enjoy the chit chat and yesteryear stories.

Thanks, hugs, Edna B.