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Monday, February 11, 2013

Important News

The news of the day; remember Bissett., the cat we sponsored at Paws and Whiskers over a year ago? So sad that it took this long when she’d already been at the shelter almost a half year. She’ll be three next month and she’s lived half her life in a cage! Paws takes awesome care of the cats there, but it’s still not the same as a forever home. Last week she was a featured cat on the Paws Facebook page and yesterday she went home with her new Mommy and Daddy! Her name is Morgan now and she’s getting slowly ready to meet her new sisters, Carla and Kaline!

Yes, that beautiful calico we sponsored is now our Jo Morgan. When David saw her as a featured cat last week, still unadopted, he called me and suggested that if she was still available by the weekend, we should pay the rest of her adoption and take her home. I gotta tell you, I couldn’t have adored my husband more when he suggested that. We were ready to bring our Jo or Joe Morgan home, but I just couldn’t walk into Paws and take another cat when the cat we were trying to help was still without a home. David’s heart is as big as his 6’5” frame, maybe bigger; that’s why I chose him!

Kaline and Carla have been sniffing and watching the door to the room Morgan is in. Yesterday when I was in with Morgan, Kaline was scratching at the door. Morgan growled. That’s normal cat behavior and why Morgan has her own room right now. They all have to become accustomed to each other’s scent, their presence in the house. Right now, Morgan is in the large carrier in the living room and they are in a three point stare down. There’s been some hissing and growling, but they are, at a distance, getting to know each other. The catcilmating process has begun. We’ll see how long it takes.

1. Do you tend to be more logically or emotionally driven in your decision-making?

I don’t think I completely disregard my emotions, but they are just one more fact to be considered in a rational decision making process. I am a total linear thinker, the bigger the decision, the more I try to distance myself from my emotions as any more than a logical point to be considered.

2. Do you take vitamin or other supplements? Do you feel that they actually work?

Well, I take glucosamine for my joints as suggested by my general practitioner and a high dose of Vitamin D as a little more than suggested by my neurologist. They are harmless enough that I haven’t questioned it or stopped taking them. I haven’t been put on any prescription strength mother of all Vitamin D regimens again, so I suppose it’s keeping my levels where they belong.

3. Have you ever kissed someone and just knew they were not the right person or vice-versa?

Wow. I honestly have never thought about that. Okay. At the risk of sounding totally cold or like a moraless hussy, I’ve never really thought of a kiss as an end all and be all of anything. Some kisses are weightier than others; kissing David has always, always, just been “right,” but no other kiss was anything except just a casual part of dating. After the first one when I was 10, the next one of any significance was David.

4. Why shouldn't the woman pay for a Valentine's Day date?

Oh, in this family the woman does! I’ve always set up the acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day. I’ll be taking David out to dinner again this week. He pays for our anniversary dinner. This is a partnership.

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The three cats are still in a quiet stand-off, staring at each other. It’s been almost an hour now. Kaline and Carla have each moved a little closer. Remember that Monday is our Sunday, so we chose a gray windy day we’re both at home to let them have all the time they want to get a look at each other. I don’t know if Morgan will have free roam of the house with the other two cats present today. I kinda doubt; these things take time for cats. But for relatively stress-free coexistence for all five of us, it’s worth it.

5. So, my question as the cats decide if they will get along is what is the longest you’ve ever considered a decision before making it?

I guess for me it was marriage. David and I dated for a little over 3-1/2 years before we got married and a lot of that had to do with me and 1000 reasons why I believed getting married was a bad idea. I was in my early 40s. Seriously, if getting married was important, wouldn’t I have already done it? After lots of thinking and journaling, which I write in my personal journal to get things off my mind and try to sort through problems, I figured out that in spite of my bravado to myself, I was just scared. After I figured that out, getting married was actually a pleasant experience. I’m still okay with it.


Kelly@CCCC said...

I'm so glad you guys adopted "Morgan". I'm still mourning the loss of my Bella. Not sure if I can fit another baby into my heart at the moment. I miss you! Kelly xoxo

Wayne W Smith said...

I ruminate on decisions quite a bit but the moment I make one I stick with it. Thanks for linking up with the MQAM.

retired not tired said...

Welcome "Morgan" to your family. I don't take very long to make a decision. I am kind of spur of the moment however hubby will hold back sometimes.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a heartwarming "tail" about Morgan! Two of our furkids are rescue kittys and the other two are from a mother we rescued. It's a wonderful feeling to bring a formerly caged animal home for keeps! You are doing a great job of letting them get familiar, it just takes time, sometimes a little sometimes longer. Give them a little time together and then gradually increase it while you s upervise. They'll all figure out their place in the pecking order soon enough. :-) Your husband definitely wins a Sweetie award!
I've gotten a lot better about thinking my decisions thru over the years, but I took far too long to decide it was time to leave my ex, everyone else could see it before I was willing to give it up. Thirteen years of trying is enough, since I was the only one trying! Now I have one of God's very finest men, and I treasure him beyond words!

Karen said...

We waiting 6 years before deciding to have a child. That was hard with all the comments from family members pushing us!

So sweet about your newest family member!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful.

Edna B said...

Nani, big HUGS to you and David for adopting Jo Morgan. What a wonderful story for Valentine's Day. Your new "did" is just beautiful. I can't imagine someone not wanting to adopt her before this. She is one lucky kitty to have you. I'm sure it won't be long before Carla and Kaline will accept her into the family.

If I didn't have to work and rely on babysitters, I would definitely try to get another little dog for Pogo to play with. He gets so excited whenever there's another animal around for him to play with.

I am neither quick or slow to make decisions. It all depends on what I am trying to decide. If I'm going to buy an expensive item, I usually take my time and do lots of research before deciding. However, when I bought my car, I just went to look one day, and came home a new car owner. The same with Pogo. They brought him so we could meet, and he never left. (It was the same when I got Tootsie. She was brought for me to have a look, and I just handed over the money and took my new baby home.) Some things really don't need much thought.

Now it's time for me to wash the dishes. You have a fabulous Valentines Day! Hugs, Edna B.

Ronalyn Wentz said...

Congratulations on your new baby!