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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Super Sunday

graphic made with All Star Sports by Twin Mom Scraps

I’m not going to talk up the Super Bowl a ton, I just wanted to include it in a post because after today that cluster won’t matter. I’ll probably take some pictures of the four of us watching the game. Well, it’ll at least be the three of us; When David and I are cozied up watching TV Carla can’t stay away from the attention from us both. But we’ll watch the game, I’ll watch the commercials, we’ll make dinner at half time.

It’s been a big couple weeks of prep for the game, but I haven’t watched a lot. I don’t care about the pre-analyzing the game to death and I could care less abbot the human interest stuff. Yeah, the coaches on the two sides are brothers, so? My interest in the Super Bowl is watching a great game, and I’m unhappy when it’s not a great game, and great commercials. I’m also unhappy if the commercials aren’t top notch for the money that goes into ad time and production. Every time I see the ad after the Super Bowl debut I’d better smile and say “Oh that was a Super Bowl ad!” As an advertising fan I expect them to be that memorable. But the real truth is wouldn’t miss the heart wrenching video packages about some players struggles in college and the half time shows are seldom worth watching if they were gone. I keep the sound up so I can duck back in during the commercials.

Okay, now I’ve totally justified using my Super Bowl graphic! Perhaps you’ve noticed the scrapbook clusters the past few days. Clustering is something I don’t really do well and I’m trying to get better in my scrapbook pages. No I don’t ever plan to do a whole page cluster with a tiny photo in the cluster and I won’t put a cluster on every page; on many pages I do it’s not appropriate. But I do want to get better at that scrapbook skill. It’s not promoting for the designers or anything. Some of the kits are ones I’ve had since 20078 and aren’t even available anymore. Some of them are very current too, but I don’t link to the kits I use, just credit them. If you’re a scrapper and are interested in a kit, drop me an email and if it’s still for sale, I’ll send you a link. So you’ll continue to see scrapbook clusters on the top of my blog a few times a week. Feel free to give cluster feedback in comments too!

Okay, I’m going to try to do just a little more scrapping today before the game. David took off to find a couple of trains because there was a glimmer of sun that appears to be gone now and called from Kroger. He’s says it’s insanely busy there. Of course it is! Best time to be in a grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday is after the game has started. But don’t look for junk food then; it’ll all be sold out!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I enjoyed watching the game yesterday. It was pretty exciting. I generally don't watch any football during the year but I do enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! Have a wonderful week.