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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Boxed Up

Shadowbox created by Digitalegacies Designs
Trinket box from web

Remember yesterday I told you about having a plan for the last February page from 2012 but I didn’t actually have the item I needed in my stash. My answer, after searching to find the item I needed ended up with the answer being to make it myself.

My vision for the last February folder was to put the photos in a cardboard shadow box frame. I hadn’t done anything with a lot of even blocking or in a box of any type for February in 2012, so it was time for one. I like doing shadowbox and quilt style layouts so I try to be careful that I don’t overdo it, but there was definitely room to do it without being repetitious in the 2012 book, I envisioned a 9-opening cardboard box. I thought I already had one, but when I discovered that I did not actually have just what I needed I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find. WRONG!

Since I didn’t want to pay for the more expensive commercial use items for one layout and an item I might use once a year, maybe, I decided I create my own box.

I don’t think it looks too bad! The layout was a longer production than usual because I had to create the boxes from scratch, but here is the last February 2012 cat layout:

Shadowboxes by Digitalegacies Designs
Additional cat elements created by Jen Yurko

I did the freebie with one each of the square box and a rectangle box. The rectangle is roughly 4”X6” and the square is 8”x8”, both are 300dpi. In addition to the two boxes, the download also has the templates for both, co you can add papers and customize your boxes to suit your needs. One thing I did discover is that using prints on the sides will distort your box, so a print will need to be distorted to fit the perspective of coming up from the back of the box. Or, you can just use solids for the box fronts. I chose to just line the backs it papers and left the sides bare.

Click preview to download at MediaFire

I hope you can use the boxes! If you use them for scrapbooking or blog logos, etc... I’d love to see what you did! Send a link in comments or to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com.

Please enjoy the boxes for your personal use. The terms of use page is not a commercial use license. If you’d like to use the boxes for scrapbooking freebies, just drop me an email and I’ll write up a commercial use for freebies license for you. If you’d like to use them for profit, contact me and we can negotiate compensation.


April said...

Great idea...I love your creativity!

Edna B said...

These are great, Nani. I'll have to see what I can do with them. Hmmm. I'm hoping to do a few scrap layouts while I'm on vacation. I am so farrrrrrr behind! lol.

Right now I think I'll post my blog and then have me a nap. Last night was a work night, and now I'm beginning to fade. You hve a great day. (It's pouring rain here.) Hugs, Edna B.