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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Testing, Testing, Chapters ONE, TWO, three, four...

No mas, NO MAS!!!
(because it seems Mother Nature FORGOT her English!)

I’m going to spend the rest of today and probably tomorrow with my first XML test. I had been going over the review questions in the chapters and getting my recognition of the codes sharp expecting a multiple choice test. All of my online tests for every class have been multiple choice. We even have a bi-weekly review for Imaging that’s multiple choice, knowing the vocabulary and being able to recognize the instruction for using Photoshop CS5. I don’t think that’s silly at all. If I can do well on those reviews, I can intelligently discuss CS5 in a job interview. It’s a good real-life thing. I’ve had multiple choice reviews for online and on campus classes on the networking side too. Again, recognizing the terms and being able to use them is truly important.

Okay, with XML the nice thing about multiple choice is I can’t make the little mistakes in coding and I really do want to test my memory and recognition in XML too. Of course, wouldn’t you know it, the XML exam is three case studies and writing the code for them. Grumble, grumble. Yes, I need to be able to do this, even the chapter that drove me insane, perhaps especially that chapter, but in a cut and dry right or wrong subject, multiple choice would have been easier!

---SIGH--- But I have 3 case studies to do and then another one that’s worth 20 extra credit points. I WILL be doing that one too! Yes it’s open book and honestly, the one thing I really need to do is type carefully and check my work, once I’m sure I’m using the right syntax. I’ve got my corrections from my first assignments. I should be able to do this.

I’ve said over and over that as long as the grades are passing, the important thing is to pass the tests for certification, but, well, right now I’m a 4.0 and the grade that kills that is always the worst. I remember when I was finishing my bachelor’s degree. My purchasing class, one I didn’t need to take and never have used the information from, was my first B. What was most frustrating about that is I worked hard in all my classes and that one was a class I really didn’t enjoy. The other B I got was in a business class that kicked my butt, but I absolutely loved. The instructor was an auto exec and he was tough, but real-world. That B is probably the grade of which I’m the most proud. I worked hard for it and although not an A, it was still high-ranking in the class.

But I’m going to fight for the XML grades. It’s an intro class and it’s memorizing code and using logic to apply it. I’ll be putting that mindset to work the next couple days on those case studies! Then, no XML until after Spring Break. I need a week away from XML, really! After Spring Break I’ll jump into the next tutorial with a fresh brain and new vigor!

Other than my class woes, the insane weather has really been what there is to talk about. It warmed up, way up, for a few days. It melted all the icky snow and the grass was all showing with that shade of green that says it’s coming back to life. David even pointed out the first little wisp of a crocus in the flower bed on the side of the door! I wish I’d have been able to get out and balance well enough to photograph it. Right now, Nani takes pictures of things in front of her and above, if I’m sitting down, but standing and looking down, I start to wobble right away. Before I really had a chance to set up a lawn chair or ask David to take the photo for me, the sweet crocus sprig was gone. I don’t think anything happened to hurt it, I hope not, but the freezing rain, sleet then snow returned. All of our promise of early spring that the Groundhog foretold vanished in such a short time. See? I told you the Groundhog has bogus creds! His early spring is just mid-March, 6 weeks after Groundhog Day. It’s all the same prediction because he has as much of a idea as the Weather Channel! Stupid Groundhog.

But we do know at least one of the flowers we planted with Kelly took! I am SO ready for this white junk to melt away and let the sun shine, the trees bud and the flowers bloom again!

Okay, off to tackle that XML test! Wish me luck!

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