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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My List

Nani's Nukable Cocoa-Espresso Breakfast Cake (sugar free!)

Good Saturday morning!

It was a sleepy start to the day for me. Okay, by some people’s standards waking up just after 8 on a Saturday morning is NOT sleeping in, but I’m usually up and about between 6 and 7. After a couple of days of lots of sitting and fewer breaks than usual because I was a woman on a mission, finishing up my XML exam, my legs, even my feet were sore. Yeah, that’s odd, but connected with my multiple messed up disks. If I sit straight up, as I do when writing code, it’s just such a position that messes with the leg circulation, a little in the left and a lot in the right. As soon as I stand up things start getting better and if I stretch, the pain almost instantly goes away and even my cold toes warm up. As a result of that tunnel vision that makes me not notice the problem while I’m “in the zone,” I had one of those days yesterday where my leg muscles were sore and spasming hit and miss. That means I took a bed-time muscle relaxant last night. That always makes me oversleep. That cocoa-espresso cake and a cup of Autumn Harvest coffee is a wonderful wake-up breakfast!

So, with a slow wake-up and lots of stiffness, I started thinking about my one-year plan. I have 5-year and 10, 25, etcetera plans, but the biggie for right now is that one-year and my list. The List is NOT and never will be what people refer to as a “Bucket List.” I HATE that term! “Things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’” Sends chills down my spine to hear of it. I would never make such a list, one that would put an expiration date on me. I guess I could put “live forever” as the first item, but well, I thought the point was to put grand achievable things on that list. If you put just a few things, you are ready to “go” once they are done, an expiration date. If you put to many, you won’t achieve them all, a recipe for failure. I don’t want to have anything to do with either one of them! I want to do everything and not stop until it's time to stop. No timeline, no regrets. My glass has always been half-full and there has always been room for more! I intend to always enjoy the half I have and always add more every chance I get. A "Bucket List" is either too limiting or it sets up for a fall. I just fall to much as is to have a bucket list!

My “list,” the one I refer to now when I say “it’s on my list,” is a list of the things I want to do again. It’s the list of what I’m taking back once whatever needs done to my back is done. In recovery I’ll start to work on my list, so right now, is time to add to the list, to complete it. The very first thing on my list is cleaning cat boxes. Who would have thought I’d miss that? Truth is I don’t miss the chore, but I miss being able to do it. David and I have three cats. I should be cleaning one and half cats worth of litter box. I owe him quite a few 3 three-cat box days already! I want to get whatever procedures are necessary done, come home from recovery and clean the cat boxes first thing. Somewhere down the line, I want to work up to buying a bicycle so I can go to the park and ride a real bike again.

As for today’s list, a simple “to do” list, I’ll start off with the dishes in the kitchen and getting a start on laundry. Then, as I hear the poker and computer game music in the other room already, it’s going to be some scrap-time. I’ll be working on my Imaging class assignment this week, which is an opportunity to scrap at lunch since Photoshop is already open, but it’s also lots of class work that is NOT scrapping (but makes me want to scrap!) SO for today, Photoshop is not school software, but hobby software. I think it’ll work out well. It’s still cold, snow-covered and a bit cloudy, so I’ll scrap until my legs are feeling the need to stretch, which will be about change laundry load time, when I’ll get that stretching done. It’s going to be a great day!


seamhead gypsy said...

My list today consisted of getting my haircut; - check, monitoring and getting caught up on my three baseball drafts; - check, and listening to the Red Sox/BC Eagles baseball game-(doing so now Red Sox 3 - BC 0); - check! And tonight we'll sit down and watch "The Social Network" that netflix delivered today. And I'm up by 6 am so I agree, sleeping till 8 am IS sleeping in!

Edna B said...

I like your attitude about the "list" and what it should reflect. I'm a happy camper, so I guess my list would consist of a few things that I would like to do now that I have the time. Photography classes, a camera club maybe, make a book of my best photos, keep up with my blog books. A new car was on my list but as you know, I just did accomplish that one. I have a great family, super friends, and Tootsie. Many moons ago when I was 40 and sitting on Santa's lap, he asked what I wanted for Christmas. I thought for a bit, but then had to tell him that I already had everything I wanted.

I'm off to sunny FLA now. I will see about sending you some warm sunshine and maybe even a little palm tree. You have a great day Nani. Hugs, Edna B.