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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prettier Than Pink

Pink has a new song that’s getting air play now, Perfect. I love the song, it makes me think about Tori and Rina and I remember the awkward self-image that I had, that most teens have. I wanted to use part of the lyrics in a scrapbook page of the girls, so I looked up the lyrics to get the proper words to quote it.

I found out what I love and what I want to buy is the radio version. The lyrics I found are the same song with the f-bomb thrown around flagrantly, in the hook of the song. Not only does it not seem to fit the meter of the song, it makes a beautiful song that a mother would dedicate to her daughter, a raunchy song a mother wouldn’t want her daughter, or son, to even listen to. It changes a plea to realize “you’re nothing less than perfect to me,” to a middle finger to everything, “I don’t care,” attitude.

Pink is 31 years old and pregnant with her first child. I would think young enough to remember the need for some compassion at that time in her life and old enough to really be thinking about that child in the future instead of just the “here and now.” Ah well, maybe that’s me another decade+ older than that with very special teenage girls in my life. I’m still going to use the words from the radio version on a scrapbook page and I’m still going to but a copy of the radio version for my iPod.

By the way, I don’t have the iPod yet! I have a few new songs that I’ve bought and put away on my hard drive for it, but the iPod comes when I’ve lost 50 pounds! I had gained a little over the holidays and then plateaued. Officially today that plateau finally broke and I’m losing again. Whew! I look at the numbers and I’m proud of the 40, but I’m itching for the iPod now! While I’m goals updating, I have my consultation with the neurosurgeon scheduled, so that’s moving now. The reclaiming the office and train room is not so moving because of the weather. We have some drafts in our sweet 50’s house and it’s chilly in the rooms we use less often. R2D2, my office space heater, lives in the master bedroom right now and I like him there for sleeping. I really don’t have the free mobility to move it back and forth, so for now, I’m not doing a lot in the upstairs rooms, a little here and there, but the big effort will come later. Now, remember the “this or something better” with all my wishes and goals. If I need surgery and the recovery keeps the man cave/woman cave behind schedule, I’ll consider recovery the “something better” that will allow me to work faster and better in those rooms.

Now it’s sleepy time. After a few errands in beginning of the day and the rest of the day will belong to XML class. Maybe Sunday I’ll get a scrapbooking break before the Super Bowl!


seamhead gypsy said...

Yes, you do need a printed copy of lyrics now days. Most of the time I don't really listen very closely to the lyrics of a song, at least not all of them. But when I make my play lists for my exercises classes I have to make sure the lyrics pass a "sensitivity" test. The last thing I want is offend any of the Y's students.

We have a bonus room in our house that Katie uses for her toys and to play. It is located above our garage. It's not to terribly hot in the summer, but it's pretty cool in the winter. Enough so that when she wants to play up there I need to turn on our own version of R2D2. It'll get warm soon, "truck day" recently was here, at least for the Red Sox anyway.

Edna B said...

I have to agree that some of the song lyrics today are not anything that I would have wanted my kids to listen to while they were growing up. A friend had a music video on her blog recently that really hit bottom with me. It was totally so unfit for our kids to watch and listen to.

I guess that just aged me a bit, huh? By the way, your "mushy" blog post was nice. And you're right. Love should add to what we already hold so special.

Good luck with the next ten pounds. May they fall off quickly. Hugs, Edna B.