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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Thoughts

From Spring 2008.
It makes me feel warm and happier!

When I awoke and started up the laptop that I fondly call Joey, named after the 2010 MVP when I got it in 2009, my Google homepage told me it was 8 degrees in Toledo. I overslept by about an hour, at could have been worse! At 7 am, I’m sure it was colder and still dark. But hey, at least it’s light outside at 8 am now, that’s a sign that spring is closer than the noisy wind would have me believe. Also a BIG sign of spring coming: The Tigers pitchers and catchers will report to Florida in 5 days and the Reds P&C will be in Arizona 3 days after that! Then, the crocuses will bloom and trees will bud and baseball and color will return to the world again!

--sigh-- I can’t wait!

My XML instructor is so cool! I was struggling on the edge of “can I still drop this class?” with the chapter last week. Well, no, I can’t drop the class. I need it for my certificate. SO I turned in the half and messed up part of the assignment I’d done. Expecting maybe a point out of the 20 for effort? I also told him that I just didn’t get it and was going to do the whole chapter over starting at page one and if I turned it in would he give feedback. I don’t expect credit for it. He wrote back giving me a week extension. Now yes, I have 2 chapters to do this week, but in going over the thorn in my foot chapter again, I’m already getting it a bit more. Sometimes going over it again, starting over, does a lot!

My last Physical Therapy session is Thursday. It actually coincides well with my date with the neurosurgeon for consultation next week. I am stronger, but not enough for the therapy I’ve had. I guess it kinda goes with the doc sending me to see a neurosurgeon after the MRI. The shoulder injury from the Turkey Soup Incident is doing much better though. One victory and one challenge moving me towards a different solution.

For now, and David always chuckles when he hears me say this, I need my coffee!

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Edna B said...

I agree, your photo looks so "Springy" and much more cheery than what's outside my window. I believe the Red Sox have headed for Florida too. If I make it to Florida like I'm planning, I should be getting back just one week before the calendar says it is "Spring!" I am so hoping that the weather feels a bit Springy too.

Nani, I always find that by telling the instructor I'm having a problem and would like help, it usually comes in one way or another. You'll do just fine. I can just feel it.

You would not believe what I am watching on TV. Thomas The Tank Engine!!! I did not put it on, but it is really kind of cute. It's also quite educational (all about trains).

Keep us posted on next weeks's findings. You have a magnificent day. Hugs, Edna B.