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Friday, April 9, 2010

What’s for dinner, Mr. Moore?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Funny how an antique commercial can still make me hungry. The Mr. Moore I’m talking about is the old commercial with the lumberjack, “First name’s Dinty. Last name’s Moore. Dinty lumberjack? Macho? Absolutely! We’re talking about Dinty Moore stew! It comes in a variety of meats and flavors. Hearty, convenient and tasty!

Before the lumberjack, Dinty, there were ads with the characters Jiggs and Maggie from “Bringing up Father” promoting hormel foods in the 30s and then later Fran Tarkenton called Hormel Chili “official training table food” for football!

Yes, I LOVE old commercials! But, the trip through Hormel foods advertising history is a little bigger than that right now. Dinty Moore stew and Hormel chili are having a big birthday this year! They came out in 1935, 75 years ago! Wow! That’s a time-honored and loved product, huh?

Hormel is a brand you may not even realize is a staple to you. Spam anyone? I know my Dad loves spam. It was one of those very special American foods he loved when he came to this country. He’ll be 65 this year and has been an American citizen most of his life now, but he still picks up a can of Spam every now and then!

In our home there is always a can or two of Hormel’s Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash. David loves it and will cook up a whole can for dinner on late work nights if he doesn’t get a chance to eat before he comes home or on lazy weekends. I’ve heated it up for him and tasted it. I even like it okay and I’m not a beef fan!

I was surprised to find, when I was looking at their website, that Hormel makes No So Sloppy Joe mix too! We love that stuff and will make a special trip if the grocery store we normally shop doesn’t have it on the shelf.

Hormel is not just food out of the can or refrigerated section either. There is a Hormel recipe site with some great ideas too! I remember growing up, Mom often made “Mexighetti.” Long before we’d ever heard about Cincinnati Chili, we’d never thought about chili on spaghetti, but Mom thought it sounded good and it was! Hormel Chili without beans on spaghetti became a kid favorite with Dave and me.

So thanks, Hormel, for all the wonderful food you’ve put on our shelves all these years and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hormel Chili and Dinty Moore!

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1 comment:

Edna B said...

Now you've done it!! Made me hungry. To this day, I still love Dinty Moore Stew, and the Roast Beef Hash. I even have Spam now and then.

We grew up with these comfort foods. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

I'm off to the kitchen now to rustle up a snack. Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.