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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update

What is Giant Nani doing under
the desk in the SNL dollhouse??

I chuckle as I think back to my younger years and Saturday Night Live. Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd on Weekend Update. “Nani, you ignorant…” Nah, won’t go there.

Strange how those things from years ago leave their mark. They resurface from time to time. Today’s title is a good title for this post, but obviously, it has a place in my memory too. When searching for a title, the flies in the subconscious just popped it out, complete with the whole log of its origin!

Yes. Some mornings my brain works a little too well. It thinks about things I wasn’t planning on using brain cells for. That’s why I stay away from taking drugs of any sort, even Advil if I can avoid it. I need all the extra brain cells I can preserve!

So, here is Weekend Update in The Chronicles of Nani format.

Journal Camp Updates

Things are progressing well in my prep for Journal Camp. I’m working on the freebies, posting bonuses and organizing the random drawing prizes. I sent out a note to the designer’s forum at DST to see if any designers would be interested in donating a store coupon for the random drawing prizes. I am truly humbled by the response! I only have one opening left to offer and it’s the second trip around the schedule. I’ve had some offers from really great designers to donate a store coupon for a kit in the random prize drawings each week. The posting bonuses will consist of products from the Digitalegacies Designs store archive, products that were not, and will not be, freebies. The random prizes are from other professional designers. The Digital Scrapbooking community is so cool!

I’m also doing a few more example layouts. I can be a little verbose in my journaling sometimes and some of the techniques I talk about at Camp I haven’t used in a while. See? I’m getting better writing the tutorials too! Detailed journaling is good for a lot of photos, especially older ones or pages for milestone events, but mixing the styles up is so important to the aesthetic quality of the books too! Remembering the roots of what I do and talking about them only makes me better!

While I’m talking about verbosity, the tutorials are long. I can’t hope to make journaling easier if I don’t explain the techniques thoroughly! All of the Journal Camp blogs, including the precamp meeting, will be available as pdf files, images included, that you can download from The Chronicles of Nani to read offline or keep for reference.

Java 365

Vacation put me in more interesting coffee situations, but behind in doing my layouts for them! I did get Week 12 done!

Credits: Midnight Espresso by Booland Designs,
P365 Template 8 by MAH Designs,
special thanks to Scrappy Cocoa for the word art tutorial

Of course I’m three pictures into week 15 now, but I do plan to have at least week 13 done by the end of today.

Jelly Bean Trauma

I have a bag of Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans. They’re like Jelly Bellies, but less expensive and I like the pear ones. I can’t stand Jelly Belly’s Perfectly Pear, yuck! But I have firmly decided that I have the same repulsion for Gimbal’s Kiwi and this bag has too many kiwi and too many black licorice. I set a few on the table and pick one up at a time. I enjoy the cinnamon, key lime, and the pineapple. It’s a wonderful treat when I bite into root beer and java, my favorites. But then, my taste buds are shocked with the icky sensation of the kiwi or licorice.

David scowls about the price, but the last time I paid for Jelly Bellies at Cracker Barrel, it was a whole yummy bag of Very Cherry! Stores that have the single flavor bulk shooters are the BEST! I need to see if you can order single flavor packs of the Gimbal’s.

That’s the Nani-News. Good Night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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Edna B said...

I hope I'm in that beginning class. Can't wait to get started. I didn't realize that you had asked for designer donations or I'd had sent one to you. As you already have enough, I will make one up and send it to you for the second session. (I am presuming that you will have another session of the camp.) Unless of course, if you still need it now, just give me a holler.

Need to get back to my laundry, etc, because tonight is a working night and I need clean stuff to wear. Can't go nekid!! lol.

You have a grand day now. Hugs, Edna B.