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Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Exam Happy Dance

YAY ME!! I got an “A” on my final for my HTML class. If I totally bombed and missed half the requirements on my project, which I didn’t, I’ll still pass with a high “C.” Now, my main objective in school is to pass my classes, because the bottom line is that perspective employers won’t care what my grades are or where I learned stuff, just did I pass the certification test. Still, I’ve always liked educational life on the Dean’s List! So, yeah, I do know that as long as I get 76% or more on that project, I’ll get my “A.” The last time I had to work as hard as I have in this class, I did NOT get the “A.” I still think that one was one of the best classes I took for my undergrad degree. But I’m almost a decade and a half older now. I want the “A.” **smiles**

If you’d like to see my website, an ad for Journal Camp, it’s posted here: Journal Camp Project. It was never anything more than a few files and code written in notepad! I can see places where I know I lost points because of little things. Every page has a home button at the bottom, but not at the top, I have two extra files in the folder that shouldn’t be there. But considering it’s my first code-only web page, I think I did okay!

Journal Camp is going really well! If you haven’t checked it out, there are links to some really nice benchmark layouts and some very good reasons that “campers” want to journal more or better. I’ve also added the link to the pdf file to the top of the post. That’s where the pdf link will be for the 5 tutorial weeks. This week, everyone who left a comment will get the posting bonus, The Look of Love Quick Pages by Digitalegacies Designs. Starting next week there will be more layouts because a layout will be required to get the prizes!

Oh yeah, if you left a comment without an email, you need to email me to let me know your address so I can send your bonus!

So, today is my scrappin’ journal campin’ day. That means my plans are to scrap a few pages and get the posts ready for the rest of Journal Camp. I figure that’s more like the weekend starts now. I need to make a store run, out of hair conditioner, but it’s a beautiful and sunny, albeit windy, day. The Camaro is in the garage and blocked in and it’s definitely a Camaro day. I’ll have to decide later if I feel like playing musical cars or if I’ll take the Buick for a short run. I’ll think about that for the afternoon.

For now, I’m going to set about enjoying this sunny day and the freedom, from school stuff anyway, I have until June, when I start my dedicated prep for the Network+!

Happy iNSD eve!


suruha said...

A blonde, eh? LOL That is a cute story.

I'm really looking forward to "Camp".


Edna B said...

Congratulations Nani!!!!! I'm with you - I strive for, and want, the "A." I agree, the Deans's list is a very nice place indeed to spend your school days.

Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather today!! It's simply gorgeous here. Almost near 80, Oh be still my heart!!

I think in the morning when I get home from work, I'll take Tootsie outside for a while. Even though she can't see things, she can still feel the nice warmth from the sun, and feel the flowers and things, and it's a nice break for her.

Well time for a short nap. Tonight's a work night for moi. Hope your day is just grand. Hugs, Edna B